PEER Bearing

Durable Crown Fleet Provides Dependable, Long Lasting Performance and Operator Comfort

A Reliable Lift Truck Solution

Maximize Uptime

The combination of reliable forklifts and prompt service helps maximize uptime and productivity

Minimize Operator Fatigue

Ergonomic features help operators perform at their potential throughout the shift while minimizing fatigue

Train Efficiently

The ability to develop in-house training skills using Crown’s DP TrainSafe Train-the-Trainer program enables the company to efficiently train new operators while promoting habits that help improve safety

“It’s very important for PEER to have reliable equipment and that’s why we continue to use Crown.”


Roberto Arce

Warehouse Manager – PEER Bearing

Peer Bearing Supervisor


PEER Bearing is a manufacturer of bearings for many industries including, agricultural, industrial transmission, material handling and more. The company’s North American headquarters in Waukegan, IL contains a 200,000 square foot distribution center for bearings manufactured at its other facilities throughout the world.


PEER Bearing performs many tasks throughout their warehouse and has acquired a fleet that matches each lift truck to its desired operation. The company relies on Crown order pickers, stand-up counterbalance trucks, reach trucks, turret trucks and even the Wave Work Assist Vehicle during their day to day operations. Operators must be trained on a variety of lift trucks, so they can work on the highest priority tasks at any given moment. The company needed a reliable lift truck solution that included dependable products, prompt service and flexible training options to meet its demand for near 100 percent uptime to keep incoming parts flowing back out the door.


PEER Bearing has relied on Crown to help them determine the best lift truck for each of its applications. Special care has been taken to match each lift truck with its task to help maximize productivity. The company also depends on a Crown maintenance plan to ensure that its lift trucks remain in tip-top operating condition. PEER Bearing has experienced the long-term durability of Crown products first hand, keeping trucks on the job day in and day out for nearly three decades. The company also took advantage of Crown’s DP TrainSafe Train-the-Trainer program to efficiently train their operators on multiple truck types.  By leveraging the Train-the-Trainer program, the company has the necessary skills and tools to train new employees on-site, helping to maximize the safety and productivity of its operators and fleet.