The Chicago Tribune

Crown’s Forklift and Service Solution Helps Major Newspaper Maximize Uptime

Achieve Maximum Uptime Throughout the Fleet

Excel in Tight Quarters

The agility of the SC Series forklifts and PE Series pallet trucks keeps materials flowing throughout the tight working quarters of the busy, multi-floor operation.

The Power to Perform

The strength and maneuverability of the C-5 Series enables the company to offload two-ton rolls of newsprint within the tight confines of the narrow rail dock.

Always On The Job

Prompt, reliable service provided by Crown technicians ensures maximum uptime for the entire fleet.

“The Crowns always seem to be about the best. They’ve performed exactly the way I’d expect them to…flawlessly.”


Jon Healy

Receiving Team Lead - The Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune Receiving Team Lead


The Chicago Tribune’s Freedom Center prints, inserts and distributes over 40 different publications. The Freedom Center contains five floors of activity, from inbound-outbound docks for both trucks and rail, raw materials and finished goods warehousing, printing, inserting and packaging, and distribution. 



Raw material and finished goods are constantly on the move in the Freedom Center, moving from floor to floor on large, high-capacity lifts. Material ranges from heavy rolls of newsprint to small pallets of finished inserts and the lift trucks used to move them must be able to handle the capacity and the tight working quarters. With tightly coordinated printing schedules, the company needs a comprehensive material handling solution including reliable forklifts and pallet trucks and a service plan that maximizes the uptime of each vehicle.


The Chicago Tribune outfitted its material handling fleet with three different vehicles that best fit its requirements. Crown’s SC Series sit-down counterbalance forklifts excel in the tight confines of the shipping and receiving docks, the warehouse and throughout the facility. Crown PE Series rider pallet trucks are used to maneuver small loads through the dock area and within the inserting operation. Finally, the C-5 Series IC forklifts handle the task of moving incoming rolls of newsprint to raw materials inventory. The company is pleased with maneuverability, durability and overall performance of their fleet and any small service issues are quickly addressed by Crown technicians ensuring that every forklift is on the job and helping the company maintain its hectic production schedule.