G&H Diversified Manufacturing

Crown C-5 Series Fleet with Maintenance Plan Enhances Uptime and Productivity

Increase Uptime and Productivity

Reduce Downtime

With the Crown C-5 Series reliability and durability and the planned maintenance included in their complete maintenance plan, the company’s management no longer worries about downtime and unexpected repair costs.

Predict Costs

A complete maintenance plan provides predictable maintenance costs over the life of the forklift and has eliminated the expense of last-minute rentals to avoid downtime.

Increase Operator Confidence

A consistent, reliable forklift fleet has increased operator confidence and safety with common forklift controls, product features and operating procedures throughout the operation.

“My experience with Crown has been superb. You’ve got much more productivity, better morale, more safety and really, an overall better business environment to work in.”

Danny Kash 

Director of Supply Chain – G&H Diversified Manufacturing

Director of Supply Chain at G&H Diversified Manufacturing


Founded in 1958 as a small tool and die shop, G&H Diversified Manufacturing has since grown into a leading contract manufacturer, providing engineered component and assembly solutions to a wide array of industries. Headquartered in Houston, TX, G&H has nine facilities and more than 60,000 square meters of factory space where it provides precision machining, fabrication, laser cutting, welding, coating, painting and other services for its customers.



G&H operates 24/7 nearly year round, moving both supplies and finished goods in and out of its facilities as well as among its facility work. The company previously owned or rented a variety of different forklifts and performed all of their maintenance in house. As the company grew, management decided to standardize its fleet and outsource the time-consuming and, sometimes, costly business of periodic inspection and maintenance. Finding a reliable and durable lift truck able to withstand the demands of the company’s applications both inside and outside their facilities was key to a successful transition and long term success.


G&H chose a fleet of 11 Crown C-5 Series forklifts to satisfy the rigorous requirements of its manufacturing operations. Operators are pleased with the agility, quality and safety features of the C-5 Series as well as the ease of training and operation that comes with using the same forklift model throughout the company. A complete maintenance plan provided by trained, responsive Crown technicians ensures that all forklifts are regularly inspected and maintained to perform at optimum levels throughout their lifetime. The combination of a reliable forklift fleet and complete maintenance enables G&H employees to focus on their core business and customer needs with peace of mind, knowing their Crown forklifts will be ready to perform when needed.