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Maximize Return on Investment with the Crown RR Series Reach Truck

Maximize ROI

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Increased System Uptime

Increased system uptime to maximize return on investment at the corporate and finance level with a reliable reach truck.

“Uptime for our Crown RR Series Reach Truck is critical because these trucks provide material for the pickers. The reliability and longevity of these trucks are proven…”  


Brian Shanahan

Senior Operations Manager - Ridge Tools



Based in Cambridge, Ohio, Ridge Tool Company receives stock in its 128,500 square foot facility from seven Ridge Tool manufacturing facilities and ships product to subsidiary locations and distributors worldwide in 48 countries.

Ridge Tool Company manufactures and distributes hand tools under the Ridgid brand name and is a division of Emerson Electric.



Uptime is critical in the Ridge Tool distribution center that operates six days a week, three shifts per day and employs two reach trucks. In the past, Ridge Tool experienced poor equipment quality and reliability issues with previous suppliers. Problems with the availability of service parts, especially with trucks manufactured overseas, created downtime that impacted Ridge Tool’s operations. Since the reach trucks are dedicated to replenishment of the racks for the pickers, downtime has a ripple effect that affects every phase of the company’s distribution process.


As a vital part in Ridge Tool’s operations, the Crown RR Series Reach Trucks are operational virtually 100 percent of the time. Safety is also a priority at Ridge Tool and the RR Series provides maximum visibility in either direction of travel thanks to its side-stance position. A suspended floorboard reduces shock and vibration while an exclusive operator entry bar helps maintain proper operator positioning, reinforcing safe and comfortable lift truck operations.