Electric Forklifts 80 V - C-B Series

The C-B Series Forklifts are Energised to Excel Indoors and Out

Reduce your carbon footprint with Crown’s C-B Series. With capacities from 2.5 to 5.0 tons, these electric forklifts offer the strength and stability often associated with IC lift trucks. Energised with 80 volts of clean, efficient electric power, the C-B Series can perform a variety of demanding tasks in both indoor and outdoor applications with ease.

electric forklifts C-B Series
C-B forklifts increase your productivity

Performance and Productivity

In tough warehousing, manufacturing and distribution applications, the C-B Series can boost your productivity with powerful performance, manoeuvrability, stability, and energy efficiency.

The dual traction motors deliver smooth and responsive acceleration as well as reliable traction in slippery conditions. The forklifts feature power steering, a small turning radius and regenerative, electrically assisted braking.

Economic, standard, or high productivity? With three different operating modes you can choose your preferred level of energy efficiency. A turtle mode can be activated in delicate environments to reduce travel speed without impacting the lift speed.

To enhance operator efficiency, a range of intelligent operator assistance systems is available, such as operator sensing system, mast lowering interlock and tilt lockout, speed reduction in turns, electronic parking brake and unlimited ramp hold.

Comfort, Confidence and Control

The C-B Series forklifts’ ergonomic design keeps the operator in complete control, improving productivity and reducing stress and fatigue.

The spacious compartment with adjustable steer column offers ample legroom, knee clearance and extra headroom. Intuitive controls are within easy reach.

A wide and low entry step allows quick and easy entry/exit.

C-B forklifts feature a a spacious operator compartment

The wide armrest features easy adjustment of height and fore/aft position, allowing for quick personalisation by the operator providing excellent comfort and support.

Integrated storage compartments with USB port and 12 V electrical outlet place frequently used tools and accessories within easy reach.

C-B forklifts feature an ergonomic armrest

A range of operator assistance systems helps enhance operator confidence and safe operation:

> Operator sensing system
> Electronic parking brake and unlimited ramp hold
> Speed reduction in turns and smart zone speed control
> Turtle mode
> Mast lowering interlock and tilt lockout

C-B forklifts offer intelligent assistance systems

The clear-view mast, the low dashboard, the overhead guard design, and the contoured seat deck provide excellent visibility – forward, backward, and upward.

C-B forklifts offer excellent visibility

A low-noise drive axle together with sound-absorbing material reduce noise and vibration to a minimum, providing a comfortable work environment.

C-B forklifts feature a low noise level
C-B forklifts feature a a spacious operator compartment
C-B forklifts offer great operator comfort

Rugged and Durable

The C-B Series forklifts are built to withstand harsh environments, with rugged and durable parts that support reliability and longevity.

Large king pins and tapered roller bearings help the steer axle withstand the constant punishment of harsh environments.

The AC control system delivers power and performance. The IP65-rated controllers are completely protected from dust and water contamination.

Dual drive units and motors deliver powerful, smooth operation. Oil-cooled disc brakes provide exceptional stopping power and long lifespan. Brake assemblies are fully enclosed to prevent outside contamination.

Virtually maintenance-free IP43-rated AC traction and pump motors efficiently deliver high power and torque for smooth and quiet operation. They are optionally available with an IP54 dust and water intrusion protection rating.

Application Flexibility

The C-B Series forklifts are designed to handle a wide range of demanding indoor and outdoor applications,
from rack and bulk storage to dock work and transport.

A wide variety of attachments and optional features enable the C-B Series to handle special loads, with pallets and without.
A range of cabin options ensures operator comfort and convenience, even in extreme temperatures.

C-B Series Model Types

Electric Forklifts C-B 25-35 Series
Electric Forklifts C-B 25-35 Series

The C-B 25-35 Series electric forklifts are robust, manoeuvrable performers, ideal for rack storage, dock work and transport.

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  • Load Capacity

    2500 - 3500 kg

  • Max Lift Height

    6010 mm

  • Power (Electric)

    80 V / 500 – 600 Ah

  • Width Overall

    1245 mm

CB electric pneumatic tire forklift
Electric Forklifts C-B 40-50 Series

The powerful C-B 40-50 Series electric forklifts offer a clean and silent solution for heavy-duty load handling applications.

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  • Load Capacity

    4000 - 5000 kg

  • Max Lift Height

    6500 mm

  • Power

    80 V / 720 Ah

  • Width Overall

    1470 - 1735 mm

Options and Accessories

Four adaptable modular cabin options are available for models of the C-B 25-35 Series, providing comfort and protection for the operator in extreme environments.

C-B forklifts are available with 4 adaptable cabin options

The ergonomic fingertip controls provide quick, comfortable, and precise control of all hydraulic functions.

C-B forklifts are available with fingertip controls

The light options include LED front worklights with turn signals, LED rear worklights, flashing light, floor spotlight and floor linelights.

for C-B forklifts a number of light options is available

With attachments such as integral sideshifter or fork positioner with integral sideshifter, the forklifts can handle a variety of loads.

C-B forklifts are available with various attachments

The premium full suspension Grammer comfort seat can accommodate individual operator preferences. An optional integrated heating system is also available.

C-B forklifts are available with full suspension comfort seat
C-B forklifts are available with 4 adaptable cabin options