Training Programs

A Foundation for Safety

Crown’s forklift training programs can help you promote performance, encourage safety and reduce total cost of ownership.

two employees discuss safety during forklift training program
operators in DP MoveSafe® program learn important safety features located on lift trucks

Forklift Operator Training

Crown's network of factory-trained instructors offers full-service DP MoveSafe Train-the-Operator programs. Conducted at your site, these highly trained instructor led sessions present the full gamut of powered industrial lift truck safety information with clear, understandable and highly visual presentations. Hands-on time is maximized and structured to assure operators are trained not only in lift truck operation and task performance, but in safe operating habits and practices as well. These are crucial in effective operator training.

Fleet Supervisor Training

Supervisors of lift truck operators play a critical role in reinforcing the safe operating skills and habits taught during operator training sessions. Crown offers the award winning DP LeadSafe Train-the-Supervisor program to demonstrate how to effectively supervise lift truck operators and reinforce safe operating habits. The workshop covers topics such as:

Identifying proper and improper operation

Recognizing potential hazards

Giving feedback to operators

Pedestrian supervision

OSHA requirements

Safety metrics

service technicians during a Demonstrated Performance Service Training workshop

Forklift Service Technician Training

Our award winning Demonstrated Performance Service Training workshops give service technicians the Crown-specific skills and knowledge they need to keep a fleet up and running. Since many technicians are hands-on learners, they’re more likely to retain information learned through first-hand experience than material presented in a lecture. Crown’s DP Service Technician Training goes above and beyond traditional classroom training, allowing participants to work on lift trucks with instructor supervision. Technicians can move at their own pace and focus on the particular tasks and skill groups that best serve their organization’s needs.

Demonstrated Performance workshops are customizable to the needs of each technician. They’ll only spend time on what they need to learn, and only work on lift trucks that apply to them.

Pedestrian Training

Pedestrian awareness is an important piece of a comprehensive lift truck safety program. Crown offers a training program that can help train pedestrians who work near lift trucks. The package includes a seven-minute video, training aids, DVD and certificates of completion that can be easily integrated into employee and visitor orientation programs.

pedestrian attends lift truck safety program to ensure safe work practices
woman utilizes Crown's DP TrainSafe® Train-the-Trainer program


Crown’s DP TrainSafe Train-the-Trainer program uses the award winning, hands-on, Demonstrated Performance approach to deliver the best and most comprehensive operator train-the-trainer program in the industry. Participants in the two-day Train-the-Trainer program will learn and practice implementing Crown’s MoveSafe operator training programs, 11 step hands-on training and safe skill and habit development process. Trainers will leave with the skills needed to conduct these workshops, as well as three-year re-evaluations, safety refreshers (workshops), warehouse inspections and much more.

In addition, participants in the 3-day TrainSafe class or the 1-day LeadSafe train-the-trainer class will learn to train supervisors utilizing Crown’s DP LeadSafe supervisor training program.

Course Materials for Training Departments

Crown has developed a specific training program for each model family that we manufacture, allowing you to customize a training program to your unique needs. Model specific programs include:

DVDs that include both English and Spanish language.
Trainer’s manuals to help your trainer conduct a successful training class.
Hands-on Trainer’s Guide to help your trainer conduct thorough hands-on training.
Operator manuals. The illustrations and clear language in these manuals make them effective reference material for your operators.
Lift truck-specific tests included with each operator training program.

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