SH/SHR Series Walkie Reach Stackers

Navigate with Ease

Crown’s heavy-duty walkie pallet stackers enable operators to quickly and easily maneuver the heaviest loads while navigating in tight areas.

SH/SHR Series reach stacker

Optimized for Tight Spaces 

Operators of Crown SH/SHR Series walkie pallet stackers find them easy to use – even in tight spaces – since the innovative controls and compact design enhance maneuverability. The pantograph reach mechanism of the SHR Series reach stacker combines the advantages of a straddle stacker and a counterbalance forklift to handle a wide variety of pallet sizes. It can also be used with block stacked pallets where there is no space between loads for outriggers, allowing the operator to reach over obstacles, rather than reposition them.

The exclusive Crown X10 Handle simplifies every lift truck function while the electronic power steering minimizes steering effort and reduces fatigue – even when navigating loads up to 4000 pounds with one hand. A brake override feature facilitates operation in extremely confined spaces with the handle in a nearly vertical position.

The low-profile power unit, clear mast design – with nested rails and the efficient routing of hydraulic hoses – all contribute to clear visibility so operators can move loads quickly and confidently even while working with elevated loads.


Operator maneuvers a SH/SHR Series walkie pallet reach stacker
The SH/SHR series heavy-duty walkie stacker features Access 1 2 3 technology

Powerful and Intelligent Performance 

The SH Series walkie pallet stacker features a powerful, efficient AC traction system and Crown’s intelligent Access 1 2 3 technology to deliver the most reliable and advanced stacker performance available.  

Crown’s exclusive Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control enables safe, optimized control. Operators also benefit from features such as ramp hold and speed control. Operators can quickly and easily select between two levels of programmable travel performance to match their experience level or application requirements. In addition, the power boost feature assures an extra measure of power when encountering obstacles such as dock plates or doorway transitions.

Durability Inside and Out  

With the SH Series walkie stacker, durability is evident all around to take the abuse of your toughest applications.  

The SH’s robust frame incorporates generous amounts of heavy-gauge steel throughout and the heavy-duty mast and outriggers have been proven on Crown’s industry-leading  RR Series reach trucks. 

The die-cast aluminum control handle includes structural webbing for maximum strength and durability.  The power unit doors are made of steel for an extra measure of protection to internal components.

Crown's SH/SHR series walkie pallet stacker features a robust frame constructed to increase durability
Crown's SH/SHR series features the same heavy-duty outriggers used on Crown reach trucks

SH/SHR Series Walkie Stackers Offer Lasting Value

Crown builds long-term value into all of its trucks and the SH Series pallet stackers are no exception. 

With Crown’s vertically integrated manufacturing and aftermarket services, total cost of ownership can be substantially lower over time.

SH/SHR Series Model Types

SH Series straddle walkie stacker
Walkie Stacker

The standard SH Series straddle stacker is ideally-suited for routine loading, unloading and stacking where occasional short hauls are necessary. 

SHR Series straddle pallet stacker with reach
Walkie Stacker with Reach

The SHR Series is an industrial straddle reach stacker that features a pantograph-style reach mechanism that extends the forks out to 23.2 inches. It is also capable of tilting up or down and picking up pallets of random sizes.

Key Options and Accessories

Freezer conditioning allows the lift truck to maintain performance in cold storage facilities.

SH/SHR Series walkie pallet stacker freezer conditioning option

The steel-constructed load backrest stabilizes loads and prevents pallet movement.

SH/SHR Series walkie pallet stacker load backrest option

The sideshifter allows operators to easily reposition loads.

SH/SHR Series walkie pallet stacker sideshifter option

Drive tire options accommodate virtually any application need. 

SH/SHR Series walkie pallet stacker drive tire options

Crown Work Assist accessories are designed to make the operator's job faster, easier and more productive.

SH/SHR Series walkie pallet stacker work assist accessories