Stability in
Uncertain Times


Predictability isn't boring


In a competitive landscape, Crown reach trucks provide the productivity you need to boost the profitibility of your business. 

With our tailored advice and solutions, you can make smarter decisions and do more for less. 

No sudden setbacks and no nasty surprises. Just state-of-the-art technology that you can rely on, whether you are a warehouse manager, a forklift operator, or the operations director.

Find out how we support your operator and warehouse manager

A Balanced Performance that Supports Growth

We understand the margin-pressures facing the logistics and delivery sector. In a business climate where stability is a premium, you need the equipment and data you can rely on to give you the results you need.

Crown reach trucks can help reduce operational downtime, manage costs, improve throughput rates and more. As well as offering an attractive ROI, Crown can provide an attractive service network.

  • Our InfoLink fleet management system delivers insights you can build with
  • Optimise fleet size for efficient utilisation
  • Xpress Lower boosts productivity for letdowns and putaways by up to 21%

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