Stability in
Uncertain Times


Predictability isn't boring


Operators make the world go round.
Your work is key for getting products to their final destination. 

In a landscape where stability is a premium, our reach trucks offer the power, flexibility and reliability you need. 

No sudden setbacks and no nasty surprises. Just state-of-the-art technology that you can rely on, whether you are a warehouse manager, a forklift operator, or the operations director.

Find out how we support your warehouse manager and director

Take Your Seat:
The Performance is About to Begin

Our reach trucks put you in control with a new level of performance. We're talking power and precision, so you can be at your best - consistently.

Does the truck you drive have adjustable armrests and a warm, supportive seat? Ours do.


They also offer:
  • Xpress Lower technology, which can double lowering speed
  • Automatic speed reduction in turns
  • Adjustable seating and unrestricted view for maximum comfort and safety

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