Live to Play Sports Group

Increase Productivity,
Operator Confidence and
ROI with Crown SP 4000 Series

SP 4000 Series Boosts ROI 

Increase Picking Efficiency

Greater speed, maneuverability and productivity to handle increased capacity.

Increased Safety

Four points of solid contact provide operator stability and confidence at full picking height.

Instant ROI Impact

Easy transition from a competitor’s truck to the SP 4000 Series makes immediate impact on the bottom line.

“When we went to the new, taller racks and narrower aisles, we knew our previous machines just wouldn’t work out and that led us to Crown. We had a lot of ROI data gathered over the years and the new Crown units fare better on every aspect of our long checklist, including parts and service costs, overall efficiency, maneuverability and speed.”

Martin McDonald

Operations Manager - Live to Play Sports Group

Live to Play Manager


Live To Play Sports is Canada’s largest and most experienced distributor of premium bicycles, parts and accessories. For nearly 50 years, the company has excelled in delivering different premium brands to independent specialty dealers throughout North America. Starting in Vancouver and expanding to Toronto, the company has 50 employees working in its 90,000-square-foot Ontario warehouse space.



An expanding company, Live To Play Sports Group distributes up to 20,000 SKUs from complete bicycles to small parts. To help maintain its supply and fill orders faster, it has configured its newest warehouse space with narrow aisles and 32-foot tall racks. While the racking and aisle configuration makes the most of every square foot, it puts a premium on lift truck maneuverability and reach – with the extended reach and narrow aisles also increasing concerns for operator safety and overall comfort. The company had a long history with its lift truck supplier but its current fleet wasn’t equipped to capitalize on its new warehouse capabilities. It was clear that a new lift truck fleet that could handle the increased activity while providing ergonomic and safety features that help ensure its operators remain both safe and productive was required.


Live to Play Sports Group considered every potential option but only Crown’s SP 4000 Series scored high on every aspect of the company’s ROI checklist. While the new facility’s aisles are, in some cases, barely wider than the machine, the SP 4000 Series and an optional wire guidance system makes finding, picking and relocating selected SKU a faster and more efficient operation. Operators are confident with four points of solid contact with the truck, including having both feet on the floor in a comfortable position, one hand firmly grasping the steering tiller and the other hand on the control handle. In addition, transition from the company’s previous fleet to the new Crown fleet was swift and smooth, taking only a fraction of the time the company expected.