Baumann Paper Company

Increase Uptime and Maximize Return on Investment with the Crown SP Series

Maximize ROI up to 2X the Life of Most Conventional Trucks

Increased ROI

Increased system uptime with Crown stockpickers that maximize return on investment up to twice as long as most conventional trucks.

Reduced Service Costs

Reduced future fleet replacement and service cost by replacing a mixed fleet with all Crown stockpickers based on a proven 30-year service life in their facility.

Warehouse Confidence
Increased productivity and operator confidence in their warehouse environment.

“We still use Crown stockpickers that are 25-30 years old and they are still going strong — that says a lot about a product. I know the new trucks will give me the best value based on our experience with the older stockpickers. Crown provides a great product that is very well designed and their people are very responsive to my business needs.”


Marli Baumann

Chief Operations Officer – Baumann Paper Company



A family-owned company established in 1950, Baumann Paper is a wholesale distributor of paper, plastic and other sanitary supplies for food service, grocery, retail and healthcare industries. Located in Lexington, Kentucky, the company ships product throughout a five-state service area.



Baumann Paper moves more than 4,000 different products throughout its 75,000-square-foot warehouse over 1½ daily shifts, five days a week. As the facility has expanded over the years, warehouse additions have created a floor with numerous seams. With an aging warehouse and mixed forklift fleet, the company needed to increase uptime and improve the dependability of its fleet. Baumann Paper also needed a reliable training partner to help train its operators to become safer and more productive.  


Baumann Paper still utilizes 25- to 30-year-old Crown stockpickers and, based on their dependability and long service life, purchased four new Crown stockpickers to replace an older, mixed fleet. Crown designed and manufactured components built for reliability and longevity contribute to the stockpickers’ long life. The SP 3500 Series includes a platform cushion that features a microcellular composition that reduces vibration and operator fatigue. The Crown stockpicker also offers the industry’s largest platform window — 50 percent larger than competitors — and a operator stance that provides the steadiness that operators need to confidently maneuver over the facility’s uneven surfaces.