Midwest Warehouse & Distribution System

Crown Maximizes Uptime and Productivity for Narrow Aisle Warehouse Application

Boost Efficiency and Uptime

Maximum Maneuverability

The agility and high visibility of Crown lift trucks optimize safety and maneuverability in this narrow-aisle application.

Increase Productivity

Dependable trucks and a Crown maintenance plan have helped to increase uptime and productivity to handle high demand.

Optimize Efficiency

Truck agility coupled with smart warehouse design has maximized overall warehouse and distribution efficiency.

“Crown is throughout all of our facilities. We worked through the process of how to maximize productivity and, certainly, it was beneficial to us. Our uptime is extremely high.”


Jerry Ziptin

Facility Manager - Midwest Warehouse & Distribution System



Since 1982, Midwest Warehouse & Distribution System has provided third-party warehousing, transportation and other supply-chain solutions for a variety of industries such as grocery, food, beverage, appliance and packaging clients. Today, with four affiliate companies and more than a dozen facilities nationwide, Midwest is responsible for more than 6 million square feet of contract and public warehousing space.



At its facilities in Woodridge and North Aurora, IL, the company stores and distributes food-grade products. Keeping up with high demand is critical to maintaining efficient operations. In North Aurora alone, Midwest Warehouse & Distribution System moves 100 to 130 truckloads of product a day, working two shifts per day, seven days per week. Down time is not an option and productivity is key, so the company relies on the safety and dependability of Crown reach trucks, order pickers and narrow-aisle trucks and depends on a Crown service and maintenance plan to keep things moving.



Crown’s SP, TSP and RMD Series trucks fit the bill for the company’s need for order pickers and reach trucks in narrow-aisle applications. The large window in the SP Series trucks and the MoveControl Seat on the TSP Series trucks are just some of the features that provide greater visibility, stability and maneuverability for Midwest operators, allowing them to safely navigate turns and handle loads in tight spaces. The RMD Series' MonoLift mast provides better all-around visibility for operators without sacrificing performance or versatility. 


Crown’s maintenance plan, provided by expert, responsive Crown technicians, also adds to the company’s bottom line by reducing down time and increasing productivity. In fact, Crown’s service technician has become the company’s go-to solution for keeping its Crown trucks, as well as other truck brands the company uses, up and running. Smart warehouse design and rack configuration, based on the recommendations of Crown’s Warehouse Solutions group, also helps maximize productivity and efficient control of product flow in and out of its busy facilities.