V-Force Lithium-Ion Batteries

A New Generation of Power

Compared to lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries can save substantial time and money through increased efficiency, enhanced productivity, and a lower total cost of ownership.

The complete range of Crown forklift trucks can be equipped with lithium-ion power sources. A selection of lithium-ion batteries is available to fit your Crown trucks.

Faster Charging, Extended Runtime
and Longer Life

V-Force lithium-ion batteries are ideal for multi-shift operations because they readily accept frequent opportunity charging at high recharge rates throughout each shift, without risking damage to the battery. With opportunity charging during breaks and shift changes, lithium-ion systems can:

lithium-ion batteries eliminate the need to change batteries during multiple shifts

 Handle one shift or multiple shifts with no need for extra batteries or the time required to change them.

lithium-ion batteries provide longer run times

Increase uptime, enabling one battery to achieve more runtime in a 24-hour period.

lithium-ion batteries outperform lead-acid batteries

Outperform lead-acid batteries, saving replacement and service costs over time.

lithium-ion batteries better maintain voltage and capacity in low temperature environments

Better maintain voltage and capacity in low temperature environments.

V-Force Lithium-Ion Technology Takes Crown Forklifts to the Next Level

The fully integrated V-Force lithium-ion technology optimises battery life, performance and value with:

  • battery levels and warnings shown on the in-truck display
  • a battery management system that monitors, tracks and prevents abuse and operation outside of warranted conditions
  • an early warning system that provides alerts and limits truck functionalities during a low state of charge
  • a charger integrated in the battery tray (available on select series)
Lithium-Ion battery for forklifts
pallet truck with lithium-Ion compact battery

V-Force Lithium-Ion Compact Batteries – A Robust and Cost-Efficient Solution

The fully integrated V-Force Lithium-Ion Compact Batteries are a cost-efficient entry into the world of lithium-ion technology. They are available for select pallet trucks, stackers and order pickers, combining the benefits of a compact design with efficient, long-lasting performance based on one of the most stable lithium chemistries available.

Integrated chargers as well as external chargers allow for easy opportunity charging. Additional value-added functions include a battery management system for extended battery life, an Early Warning System, and an in-truck display.

Safe and Maintenance-Free

In terms of safety and maintenance, Crown's lithium-ion technology provides considerable advantages over lead-acid batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are sealed units that don't require watering and eliminate the need for battery swapping. During charging, they avoid exposure to harmful acid and vapours and eliminate the need for expensive ventilation systems. During use, the battery management system measures individual cell temperatures and voltages while offering protection against deep discharge, short circuit and overcharge.


Lithium-Ion batteries are maintenance-free
Lithium-Ion batteries global support

Support You Can Count On

With a global network of service locations, Crown offers integrated support solutions for lift trucks as well as V-Force Lithium-Ion Batteries and Chargers.

Ask Crown about an individualised energy consultation and receive expert recommendations based on your specific needs and goals.

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50% Improvement
of Battery Efficiency
with Lithium-ion Fleet