Used Forklifts

High-Quality Used Forklifts for Virtually Every Need

Used forklifts can provide a cost-effective solution for your challenges, without sacrificing functionality and reliability. From the smallest pallet truck to the tallest VNA truck, Crown's refurbished and used forklifts provide guaranteed performance at a competitive price.

Used forklifts from Crown are built to last

Durable, Reliable and Efficient Refurbished and Used Forklifts

Crown lift trucks are designed and built to last. Our vertically integrated manufacturing process ensures that all Crown forklifts are assembled with quality parts and components. You can count on Crown's refurbished and used forklifts to provide the same dependable service you expect from new Crown trucks. Integrated safety features help you maintain safe operation and all used forklifts undergo a comprehensive inspection to meet the highest safety and performance standards.

That’s why our pre-owned forklifts are ready to serve your needs for years to come.

Refurbishment Programme

Crown's Refurbishment Programme provides superior performance at a competitive price. In line with FEM inspection standards, Crown applies an even deeper level of inspection to ensure a higher quality standard during the refurbishment process. Not only are defective parts and visual damages refurbished using genuine Crown parts, but specific components are replaced automatically to meet these high standards. From start to finish, our systematic approach ensures consistent quality control.

used forklifts inspection
Meticulous inspections

The refurbishment process begins with Crown technicians disassembling each forklift to meticulously inspect, repair or replace every part that goes back into the truck.

used forklifts renewal
Comprehensive refurbishment

Refurbishment includes electrical, structural and exterior components as well as drive units, hydraulics, steering, brakes, bearings, tyres and load wheels.

used forklifts finishing
Guaranteed performance

The finishing process includes new paint, covers and consoles as well as new control grips, seat cushions, labels and decals. Finally, each refurbished truck goes through extensive operational and safety inspections.

used forklifts are available through your Crown dealer

Used Trucks Available Now

Our network of dealers have access to the full inventory of refurbished and used forklifts throughout Europe and can assist you in finding the equipment that best meets your operational and budgetary needs.

Ask your local Crown dealer about what we have in stock.

Local Support and Service

Our network of dealers provide the same level of service support for new, refurbished and used forklifts. Supported by a large parts inventory, our service technicians will help you maximise the uptime of your fleet, whether new or pre-owned.

Contact your local dealer about your service needs.

Used forklifts are backed by local support and service