Connected Solutions

Lifting the Value of Your Business

A forklift is an incredible machine. And when connected with fully integrated Crown technology, it’s a rolling, lifting, streaming hub of operational insight. So you can confidently make instant, informed decisions that move your entire organisation forwards—not just what’s on the facility floor.

connected solutions by Crown help lift the value of your business
connected solutions engage

Engage Operators and Managers

Training, managing, motivating and retaining employees are big challenges. Connected technology can energise your team and add new value by:

  • Supporting self-directed operator improvements
  • Streamlining compliance
  • Increasing productivity
Crown's connected technology can help engage operators and managers
Crown’s connected technology gives you greater control over your entire operation

Inspire Actions that
Improve Operations

Connected equipment gives you greater control over your entire operation. Analysing and acting on connected data lets you maximise your investment in four key ways:

  • Enhance operator safety and compliance
  • Reduce risk of damage to facility and products
  • Repurpose underused equipment
  • Lower maintenance expenses
Crown’s Connected Services help you increase productivity

Achieve Productivity
and Uptime Goals

A connected warehouse and service process enables you to leverage integrated resources and meaningful data to plan for and prevent disruptions. Increase productivity while reducing costs when you:

  • connect assets in the service chain,
  • manage, monitor and analyse data,
  • automate data collection and integration,
  • use data to predict and prevent potential issues.

Grow with Confidence

The next generation of integrated technology promises to add new value by turning reactive operations into proactive ones. Driven by data, our fully integrated technology makes you, your colleagues and your business nimbler so you can make smarter decisions that allow you to anticipate and adapt to challenges — today, tomorrow and beyond.

Crown’s connected technology helps you make smarter decisions that allow you to grow

Embrace the Connected Movement

Crown connected technology isn’t about tech for tech’s sake. It’s about using real-time data to lift the performance, safety and profitability of your entire operation. All of which adds up to generating even more value than you or your key stakeholders expect.


Uniquely Connected

As the first forklift company to introduce telematics solutions, our experience in connecting trucks, operators, energy, service and WMS systems makes Crown the right advisor to help you reach your goals.

Human-Centred Technology

Built on a tradition of human-centred forklift design, Crown technology reinforces an experience-first approach that inspires and motivates effective actions.

Integrated and Scalable Solutions

Crown’s telematics solutions can be installed on virtually any forklift in the warehouse. Our support services can help interface operational data with your business systems.

Knowledge and Insights

Produce recommendations and solutions faster thanks to data organised with action in mind.

Platform for Growth

Maximise your investment with lift trucks that provide a platform for growth and evolve with your unique business requirements.

Dedicated Experts

Leverage the experience and expertise of Crown’s technology implementation and utilisation experts well beyond installation.

Learn how our Connected Solutions can improve your operations.