FleetSTATS Fleet Cost Management

Tracking Costs for Real Savings

FleetSTATS Fleet Cost Management System provides a simple and efficient way to capture and analyse total maintenance and rental costs for individual forklift trucks and entire fleets over single or multiple locations. 

Collect Data Consistently

FleetSTATS is an easy to use, paperless work order management system that provides consistent electronic tracking of maintenance records.

Gain visibility to parts and service costs while proactively planning equipment retirement or replacement.

Easy to Use



FleetSTATS forklift cost management paves the way to increased efficiencies

Control Processes to Reduce Costs

By selecting the right maintenance programmes for your forklift fleet, using quality parts and labour, FleetSTATS helps you pave the way to increased efficiencies and reduced costs. 

Capitalise on Continuing Opportunities

With information provided by FleetSTATS, you can track assets, rentals and life cycle replacements to achieve ongoing improvements across your entire forklift fleet.

Learn how FleetSTATS can improve your operations.