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Order Picking Technology

Go Remote to Improve Productivity with Less Effort

Crown’s exclusive QuickPick Remote technology boosts order-picking productivity up to 25 percent.

Order Picking Technology QuickPick Remote

Optimise the Order Picking Process

Crown’s QuickPick Remote is a game-changing innovation in low-level order picking – a fast-paced, physically demanding job. The technology automates tasks that simplify workflow — saving time, reducing risk and increasing productivity.

In traditional order picking applications, operators constantly return to the compartment to move the truck forward. With QuickPick Remote, operators maintain a smooth workflow pattern, focusing less on positioning the truck and more on the task of picking.

Lessen operator joint stress and fatigue

– reduce steps by up to 50 percent

Promote safety

– reduce operator accidents and injuries

Reduce damage

– fewer impacts on product and racking

Increase operator productivity

– pick more orders in less time

Crown's QuickPick Remote order picking technology is available on these products:

For customers anticipating future workflow automation needs, a QuickPick Remote-ready option is available to ensure that the vehicle can be retrofitted at a later stage.

Revolutionise Your Workflow and Save Time

Increase operator productivity by leveraging a truck that allows the operator to maintain a consistent rhythm and pace, making the most of every second in the picking process. 

A typical order picker steps on the operator platform approximately 1,200 times each shift. QuickPick Remote eliminates up to 70 percent of this activity. With the simple press of a button on the wireless remote, the order picker remotely advances the lift truck to the next pick location, allowing the operator to minimise steps and remain in the optimal pick position. Long-term testing shows that productivity between first and last pick of the day increased by 10 percent on average with gains within the aisle of up to 25 percent

Award Winning Technology

Crown’s industry-leading task automation technology has been recognised around the world, with QuickPick Remote Order Picking Technology earning an International Forklift Truck of the Year Award in 2014. 

QuickPick Remote Order Picking Technology has received 6 international awards

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Less Physical Effort
7.5% Improved Productivity

with QuickPick Remote
Order Picking Technology