Crown's new reach truck generation offers productivity-boosting mast stability

Crown has launched its new ESR 1200 Series reach trucks. The successor to the award-winning ESR 1000 Series features a new mast design that is among the most stable in the industry. The new mast enables operators to handle heavy loads quickly and safely, even at the highest lift heights, thanks to its robust construction and an impressive residual capacity of 1200 kg at a 12-metre lift.

“With our new mast portfolio, we’re further boosting the productivity of our reach trucks, which have already proven their value in the warehouse,” says Dr Danilo Schmidt, Marketing Product Manager at Crown. “Smooth and precise operation delivers real performance – even skilled operators can further improve their throughput with our new ESR 1200 Series.


It's all about the mast

In many busy and congested warehouses, the travel speeds of lift trucks are often reduced. Therefore, the lift-lower cycles can make the most significant productivity gains. The ESR 1200 Series’ new mast technology is the key to achieving this, enabling up to 36 percent higher mast stability compared to previous models. The mast’s solid construction is exceptionally resistant to deflection. Swaying or vibration is thus reduced to a minimum, which makes it easier for operators to predict how the mast will behave, giving them greater load-handling confidence. With the new masts, the reach trucks can pick up and place heavy loads faster than ever, even at rack heights of up to 14.2 metres. The result is intelligent, safe work, more throughput, and higher productivity.

Additionally, the new mast enables better visibility at height due to an angled cross beam design. With the offset positioning of the mast, the load wheels, forks, and pallets are always in view. The optional panoramic overhead guard further improves visibility while protecting the operator from falling objects or debris.

With three different available mast configurations, heavy duty, super duty, and super duty+, an appropriate mast is available for every application.

the new reach truck ESR 1200 at height


Crown’s optional Xpress Lower technology can double the mast-lowering speed to an exceptional 1.1 m/s, enabling productivity gains of up to 21 percent. In addition, the system feeds the energy released during the lowering process back into the battery. Combined with the regenerative e-GEN braking system in the ESR 1200 Series, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 11 percent.


Smart, reliable, ergonomically adjustable

By enabling all-around connectivity, the Gena operating system optimises truck performance and ensures that key information is easy to see, understand and use. Gena is dynamic, customisable to individual preferences, and easy to access via a 7-inch colour touchscreen. With Gena seamlessly integrated and interacting with the InfoLink fleet management system, the forklift becomes the operator’s reliable partner.

ESR Series reach trucks can be customised in many ways. To position the operator for optimal control, visibility and workflow, the lift truck’s seat, controls, armrest, and display can be ergonomically adjusted to suit each operator’s needs and physical dimensions. For example, the unique D4 Armrest’s advanced ergonomics include a large, breathable surface, a moveable palm rest, plus infinitely variable positioning. Depending on preferences, the armrest can be fitted with fingertip, dual-lever, or multi-task controls for super-smooth, high-precision operation. Intuitive assistance systems such as Auto Height Select and Capacity Data Monitor further enhance the truck’s productivity.

For customised energy solutions, a wide range of Crown V-Force lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries is available, along with matching battery chargers. The appropriate solution can be selected and adjusted to fit each customer’s specific application requirements and on-site infrastructure.


About Crown Equipment Corporation – EMEA
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