V-Force Lead Acid Forklift Batteries

Power to Count On

With a lower initial cost than other battery technologies, V-Force lead-acid batteries can provide a cost-effective power solution for a range of duty cycles, including multi-shift operations. Pair with a V-Force charger for a fully integrated solution.

Lead Acid Battery

Tubular Lead-Acid Batteries

This advanced lead-acid technology increases the surface area of
active material, improving productivity and extending runtimes for
multi-shift applications.

Tubular batteries also feature:

  • Flexible bolt-on inter-cell cable connectors for easy maintenance,
    higher current delivery with less internal resistance and lower
    operating temperatures
  • Fully insulated flex connectors and post bolts to prevent arcing and
    lead exposure
  • V-LA1120 Series – Standard Low Maintenance cells that hold more water, reducing watering frequency and maintenance costs
  • V-LA1130 Series – High Capacity cells for increased run time for high duty cycle applications
Tubular Lead Acid Battery
Battery Watering Systems

Battery Watering Systems

Extend the life of the heart of your lift truck with a V-Force Battery Watering System.

Support You Can Count On

With a nationwide network of service locations, Crown offers integrated support solutions for lift trucks, chargers and batteries. Ask Crown about an individualised energy consultation and receive recommendations based on your specific needs and goals.

Battery Serviceman

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Crown offers the resources and expert guidance to build a complete power system for any application:

  • Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Industrial Battery Chargers
  • Supplies and Accessories
  • Power Study and Maintenance
Lead Acid Battery within Forklift