Great Ocean

Crown Warehouse Solutions’ Service Earning Praise and Repeat Business

Maximise Warehouse Efficiency

Crown Warehouse Solutions delivered a combined drive-in and selective pallet racking system to meet the needs of the business.

Productive Employees

The pallet racking system has earned praise from staff members for its ease of use and quality.

Repeat Business

Satisfaction with Crown’s products and service meant that Great Ocean Foods went straight to Crown when it began planning the racking for its updated site in Coffs Harbour.

“Anything we asked for, especially when dealing with the changes we needed in the planning stage, was met with patience and a responsive turnaround.”

Maurice Jadouin

Managing Director - Great Ocean Foods


Market-leading food distributor Great Ocean Foods runs its statewide distribution operation from two locations; Marrickville and Coffs Harbour in NSW. Great Ocean Foods supplies a wide range of seafood and meat products, poultry, game meat and smallgoods to wholesalers and restaurants.



Great Ocean Foods required warehouse racking and shelving at a new premises built to support the company’s expansion. It needed a supplier capable of overcoming challenges including council requirements and layout difficulties to create a new warehouse capable of supporting the company’s speed and efficiency requirements.


Great Ocean Foods contracted Crown Warehouse Solutions to design and build a racking system at its 1600 square metre warehouse in Marrickville, NSW. Crown was chosen because of its dedicated, high quality service. Over the course of the build, Crown Warehouse Solutions worked with Great Ocean Foods to solve a number of challenges together. The original plans required numerous revisions because of an unplanned site change and restrictions posed by certain structural elements of the building.