Lodge Manufacturing

Integration of Application-Specific Lift Trucks and Smart Warehouse Design Helps Boost Productivity

More than Doubled Picking Capacity

Optimised Workflow

The robust TSP Series’ MonoLift mast and MoveControl seat helps provide superior visibility and precision while operating in the narrow aisles, inspiring operator confidence

Increased Productivity

The RC Series’ ergonomic and safety features enable operators to manoeuvre the staging and dock areas easily and safely while its FlexRide suspension provides all-day comfort

Improved Comfort

The flexible and ergonomic MPC Series facilitates safe and efficient order picking with electronic steering, a low step height and lifting forks to minimise bending and stretching

“I’ve been working with Crown equipment for the past 20 years. Crown equipment, in my experience, stands the test of time.”

Teresa Baugh

Distribution Centre Manager — Lodge Manufacturing

Distribution Centre Manager – Lodge Manufacturing


Lodge Manufacturing is an internationally known manufacturer of cast iron cookware, founded more than 120 years ago in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, USA. It is recognised, not only as one of America’s oldest continuously operating cookware companies, but also as an industry innovator, being the first to introduce pre-seasoned cookware to the market. Today, the company’s products are shipped worldwide and sold through superstores, hardware stores, specialist retail outlets and e-commerce.



With the help of local Crown dealer, The Bailey Company, and warehouse design expertise from Crown, Lodge Manufacturing selected an entirely new fleet of forklift trucks designed to perform specific tasks associated with the new warehouse design. The company selected Crown’s TSP Series turret trucks to replenish and retrieve the heavy cast iron cookware in its narrow aisle, high-bay facility. The RC Series stand-up counterbalance trucks are used on the docks for loading and unloading as well as in the racks for replenishment. Crown’s MPC Series multi-purpose forklift provided an ergonomically friendly order-picking solution that enables operators to adjust the pallet height to avoid back and shoulder strain. While Lodge managers were familiar with the durability of Crown forklifts, they also solicited input from operators who praised the manoeuvrability, visibility and comfort afforded by the new fleet.


Barrett teamed with Crown to redesign its
24,154-square-metre (260,000-square-foot) Franklin, MA headquarters facility. The Franklin project was the first in a series of cooperative projects that began with warehouse layout and design services and progressed through rack installations and new lift trucks. The Barrett Blueprint®, a proprietary program based on Crown’s layout and design services, focuses on the ability to design and deliver custom-crafted solutions for specific customer needs. Crown’s RM Series Reach Trucks and PE Series Pallet Trucks are credited with translating the designs into action. Crown’s warehouse solutions and exceptional lift truck performance anchor Barrett’s ability to handle increased volume and continued growth.