Gold Metal Recyclers

Reduce Maintenance Costs with a Forklift Built for Constant Punishment

Up to $6,700 Savings over 18 Months

Decreased Maintenance Costs

Gold Metal can save up to $6,700 in maintenance costs relating to brake, transmission and steer axle repairs over 18 months. 

“My maintenance costs for the C-5s are comparably lower than my other forklifts. I haven’t had any over-heating issues or axle or brake problems. The same can’t be said for the other forklifts in my fleet…”


Joel Back

Operation Manager - Gold Metal Recycling



Gold Metal Recyclers is one of the largest metal recycling companies in the United States. The Dallas processing yard encompasses about 15 hectares (38 acres) and ships approximately 200 to 300 trailers of scrap metal and concrete a week. Forklifts are primarily used to transport the scrap from trucks to bailers or other types of processing machinery.



Working seven days a week with two shifts a day, Gold Metal runs each of its forklifts approximately 3,000 hours a year on average. Forklifts move large pieces of scrap metal and concrete, often in heat over 38 degree Celsius (100 degree Fahrenheit) in a rough and dusty application with large potholes and rebar sticking out of the ground like landmines. Given the dust and debris in the air, along with heavy use and high hours, the customer’s number one challenge is downtime, often due to maintenance repairs. With competitor forklifts, Gold Metal had to replace four transmissions in the last nine months for about $3,300 each; four steer axles in the last 12 months, for about $2,700 each; and brakes every 15 to 16 months, for about $700 each.


The Crown Power Brake features a full circle brake pad with 90% more friction area. The brake is virtually sealed preventing dust and debris build up on the brake pads.

The C-5’s industrial engine and transmission features an advanced cooling system with a dual open-core radiator that provides separate cooling for the engine and transmission. The transmission’s cast iron housing protects it when driving over scrap metal and rebar.

The Crown steer axle design includes a 19 mm (¾") steel body plate and 51 mm (2") diameter cylinder rod that is built to withstand constant punishment, unlike the competitor’s light-duty steer axle design.