DT Series Double Stacker

Pick up the Pace

Crown’s double pallet stacker is an ideal forklift for high density, stock-to-stock applications – combining the capability of a heavy-duty stacker, the flexibility of a pallet truck, and the capability to transport two 1000 kg pallets.

DT Series double stacker

Delivering Results

The DT Series pallet stacker is designed to deliver performance so operators can be as productive as possible all shift long.

Crown’s Active Traction is the key. It continually varies pressure on the drive tyre depending on speed, steering angle, fork height, load distribution, acceleration and braking.

the DT Series double stacker features Crown's Active Traction
the DT Series double stacker delivers reliability and uptime

Long-Lasting Value

Crown forklifts are built to withstand the constant challenges of warehouse environments – so they can deliver the reliability and uptime you count on.

Sturdy nested I-beam mast, a cast-steel reinforced chassis, 10 mm thick protective skirt, 5 mm wrap-around covers, die-cast aluminum handle and the toughest side restraints available.

Spring-loaded drive unit with heavy-duty castors makes a critical difference in durability and traction control.

Accomplish More

It’s a fact: operators who are comfortable and confident are more productive than those who are not. That’s the motivation behind Crown’s commitment to forklift design and ergonomics.      

Take the patented weight-adjustable, folding FlexRide option for example. It provides ultimate rider comfort by tuning the suspension for the operator’s body weight.

Crown’s advanced suspension significantly reduces shock to the chassis, platform, and other truck components. In addition, the hydraulic system responds instantly and proportionally to operator for fast, precise positioning of forks and loads.

the DT Series double stacker features the FlexRide platform suspension
the DT Series double stacker is available in 4 platform configurations

Flexibility Pays

The Crown DT Series far exceeds typical expectations for double stacker pallet trucks in terms of productivity control, durability and versatility.

The double stacker series is available in four configurations offering travel speeds of up to 12.5 km/h.

  • The folding platform with Quick-Exit side restraints offers the flexibility to switch between rider and pedestrian mode.
  • The fixed platform with side entry and backrest is especially useful for transport picking.
  • The fixed platform with rear entry features a secure, comfortable operator compartment for high traffic areas.
  • For dedicated pedestrian use, the double stacker can be configured without the platform.

Count on Uptime

Crown builds long-term value into all of its lift trucks and the DT Series double stacker is no exception.

With Crown’s unique vertically integrated manufacturing and aftermarket services, total cost of ownership can be substantially lower over time.

Work Assist accessories support operator comfort and productivity.

a range of Work Assist accessories is available for the DT Series double stacker

DT Series Model Types

Double Stacker
Double Stacker

The DT double stacker is an ideal forklift for high density applications, allowing you to easily double up pallet loads.

Double Stacker with Folding Platform
Double Stacker with Folding Platform

The DT double stacker with Crown’s exclusive fold-up FlexRide platform allowing operators to select between rider or pedestrian functionality.

Double Stacker with Fixed Platform Side Entry
Double Stacker with Fixed Platform Side Entry

The DT double stacker with side entry fixed platform features an operator backrest that adds protection and comfort, especially useful for transport and order picking.

Double Stacker with Fixed Platform Rear Entry
Double Stacker with Fixed Platform Rear Entry

The DT double stacker with rear entry fixed platform is ideal for high traffic areas or long runs. The rear entry creates a secure, comfortable compartment for the operator.

Options and Accessories

Heavy-duty dual castor wheels perform in even the harshest applications, including rough floors, long runs and extreme heat.

Heavy-Duty Dual Castor Wheels

Freezer conditioning allows the lift truck to maintain performance in cold storage facilities.

Freezer Conditioning

The steel-constructed load backrest stabilises loads and prevents pallet movement.

Load Backrest

The dual initial lift controls allow operators to control the position of the load arms with either hand.

Dual Initial Lift Controls