TR Series Electric Tugger

Proven Pulling Power

Towing is tough on motorised tuggers and operators. The TR Series tow tractor from Crown provides the pulling power and strength needed to significantly improve throughput while transporting heavy loads.

Crown's TR Series electric cart tugger pulling carts

Powerful Advantage in Towing

Crown’s proven Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control technology, AC traction system, and e-GEN Braking System deliver precise control and unmatched endurance.

The TR Series electric pallet tugger features Access 1 2 3, AC traction system and e-GEN Braking to provide sustainability and safety
Crown's TR Series tow tractor is manufactured with robust components built to last

Built Tough for the Long Haul

Towing a rolling load with a capacity of 4535 kg over and over demands a heavy-duty drive unit.

The TR Series tow tractor features a powerful AC motor and the industry’s largest drive unit – built by Crown – offering unmatched durability and power.

Crown’s electric pallet tuggers combine robust components and heavy-gauge steel to perform in the toughest applications.

Optimised for the Operator

The TR Series tow tractor's operator compartment provides exceptional comfort and stability so operators perform at peak levels throughout the shift.

With Crown’s innovative electronic power steering and Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control, operators experience superior handling on and off the lift truck.

Steering simplicity and comfort is further enhanced by Crown’s exclusive X10 Handle.

The TR Series tow tractor features Crown's x10 Handle which provides easier to use steering and comfort for the operator
The TR Series tow tractor is durable and easily serviceable for minimal maintenance and downtime

TR Series Tow Tractor Offers Exceptional Reliability and Uptime

Crown’s electric pallet tuggers deliver long-term value with lower total cost of ownership over time.

The TR Series tow tractor incorporates a robust, reliable design that’s easy to maintain and service.

TR Series Model Types

TR Series tow tractor
TR 4500 Tow Tractor

The TR Series industrial electric tugger can be used to pull carts as a train to transport materials or as a low-level order picker.

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  • Load Capacity

    4535 kg

  • Power (Electric)

    24 volt

  • Drawbar Pull (Normal/Maximum)

    110/340 kg

  • Truck Weight (without battery)

    580 kg

Key Options and Accessories

The tiller handle provides operators with additional leverage to power through tight turns.

TR Series tow tractor tiller handle manual steering option

The T-handle provides operators with more flexibility in hand placement and includes dual-brake levers.

TR Series tow tractor T-Handle manual steering option

Hitches are available in five styles to accommodate the variety of couplers used on towable carts.

TR Series tow tractor hitch options

The knee cushion provides additional padding to protect the operator from impacts on the battery wall.

TR Series tow tractor knee cushion – battery wall

Quick adjust castors increase operator confidence enable fast, easy adjustments to help maintain optimum traction.

TR Series electric pallet tugger Quick Adjust castors increase traction

Work Assist Accessories are designed to make the operator's job faster, easier and more productive.

TR Series electric pallet tugger work assist options
TR Series tow tractor tiller handle manual steering option