RC Series Stand-up Forklift

Most Versatile Performer

In a busy work environment, the Crown RC Series stand-up counterbalance forklift excels – whether on the dock or in an aisle. Its compact design gives the operator unmatched visibility, ultimate ergonomics and revolutionary ride control.

Crown's RC 5500 Series stand-up forklift

Wide Open Views   

For operators working in confined spaces, visibility is essential. To this end, the unique design geometry of the RC Series stand-up forklift outpaces all others where it counts the most: in trailers, narrow aisles, and areas congested with pedestrians, equipment and products. 

The power unit curves in on the right side (where operators look most often). This contour, along with the low profile power unit translates into industry-leading visibility.

The mast and pillar design also enhances forward visibility. This has been achieved through the clean routing of hydraulics and chains as well as the orientation of the pillar itself. 

The RC Series has top visibility in narrow and congested areas
Crown's RC Series provides more flexibility, comfort and has superior protection for the operator

More Productive Operators  

It’s proven: operators who are comfortable and confident accomplish more. That’s why Crown developed industry leading, innovative features into the RC Series forklift with the operator in mind. 

The stand-up design gives operators the flexibility and comfort they need for faster throughput. Highlights include soft touch points, a revolutionary FlexRide suspension system, shock-absorbing padding, unrivaled workspace and ease of entry/exit.

Crown’s RC Series offers more than three times the protection of typical lift trucks from shocks and vibrations such as bone-jarring impacts over dock plates, expansion joints and rough floors.

Safe and Efficient Performance   

A lift truck that enables its operator to perform at their best can substantially improve total operational efficiency. The RC Series stability and control features allow the operator to focus on the task at hand.

Crown’s Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control. With the technology, lift truck systems are constantly monitored and data is shared to modify performance based on real-time work conditions. These include traction, braking, steering, hydraulics and other lift truck systems.

The RC Series stand-up forklift includes the Crown Intrinsic Stability System which is engineered to minimise the causes of unstable conditions for safety and efficiency. 

The RC Series features Access 1 2 3 to monitor performance and Crown's Intrinsic Stability System to maximize safety
Crown's RC Series features the warranted e-Gen Braking System to eliminate downtime and maximizer performance

Reliability… Guaranteed    

Crown’s unique approach to vertically integrated manufacturing ensures that all RC forklift parts perform as a carefully balanced system to ensure industry-leading reliability.

Crown’s e-GEN Braking System uses the power of the high-torque traction motor to improve overall braking performance while virtually eliminating brake maintenance. 

Crown offers the industry’s most comprehensive lift truck warranties, plus a three-year, 6,000 hour warranty on Access 1 2 3 electronic components and a two-year, 4,000 hour warranty on the e-GEN Braking System.

Lasting Value    

Crown’s RC Series stand-up forklift delivers long-term value that results in greater uptime and lower total cost of ownership.

You can rely on Crown’s comprehensive aftermarket service and support for years of reliable and cost-efficient service.

The RC Series is durable and will lower total cost of ownership

RC Series Model Types

3-Wheel Stand-Up Forklift
3-Wheel Stand-Up Forklift

The RC Series stand-up counterbalance forklift features a side-stance operator compartment that maximises visibility and allows for easy entry/exit, in applications where the operator is frequently on and off the truck.

Key Options and Accessories

The dock performance package provides additional cooling to allow the truck to run longer at max performance, which is often the case when performing dock work.

RC Series Dock Performance Package

The adjustable armrest provides padded support for comfortable, secure positioning to accommodate a variety of operators.

RC standing forklift adjustable arm rest

Front worklights provide additional forward visibility for the operator and may help increase forklift awareness for pedestrians.

RC stand-up forklift front worklights

Our full range of attachments, including options for a carton clamp, slip sheet push-pull, fork positioner, double fork and side shifter, can handle a variety of loads.

RC Series attachments options

Crown Work Assist accessories are designed to make the operator's job faster, easier and more productive.

RC work assist options