Training Course

Battery Awareness

Battery and Charger Training

To provide participants with basic knowledge and skills to correctly and safely maintain batteries and charger, whilst optimising battery life and charge cycles. By operating in the correct manner, operators can optimise the life cycle of the batteries and minimise risk of injury or damage. Participants will learn how to connect batteries, check for hazards and how to safely and efficiently extract batteries (where applicable).

Course Outcomes
  • Awareness of battery charging protocols
  • Awareness of correct battery maintenance
  • Awareness of risks and emergency procedures
Course Content
  • Battery Use and Safety – sulphuric acid, electricity and weight
  • Battery Emergency Procedures – acid spills, explosions and battery short circuits
  • Battery Charging – charging bay requirements, operating procedure
  • Battery Watering – manual watering, single point watering
  • Battery Maintenance – daily charging interval & checks
  • Battery changing if required

Assessment: Attendance only

Course Prerequisites:
  • Basic English literacy, language & numeracy (LLN)

Session Duration:  90 minutes

Groups:  Maximum 8 participants per session.

Training records: Certificate of attendance by Crown.

Equipment Classification: all makes & models of battery charging systems, battery pullers & changers, conventional wet-cell batteries and advanced modular fast charge systems.

This is training does not lead to nationally recognised qualification.