Training Course

Chain of Responsibility

c5 series operator responsibiity

Chain of Responsibility training is one of the first and most important steps to take to ensure you or your company are aware of, and how to deal with, your liability under the CoR and OH&S Legislation. If you’re a Consignor or Receiver, a Packer, or Loader/Unloader, a Scheduler or Operator, or a Driver, you are part of the Chain of Responsibility and you or your company could face legal action.

This unit involve the knowledge and skills required to identify, apply and follow chain of responsibility regulations that are applicable to the individual’s job role.  Persons achieving competence in this unit will need to also fulfil all of the relevant State/Territory OHS regulatory requirements.

The main elements contained within this unit, are:

  • Identify features of chain of responsibility
  • Follow chain of responsibility regulations
Course Content
  • State or territory chain of responsibility regulations are identified as they relate to the job role
  • Duties and penalties relating to the specific job roles are identified
  • Parties and responsible persons within chain of responsibility are identified
  • Chain of responsibility reasonable steps and liabilities are identified
  • Other key features of the regulations are understood as they relate to the job role
  • Chain of responsibility regulations are followed as they apply to own job role and function
  • Workplace chain of responsibility policy and procedures are followed in own job role and function
  • Breaches of legislation as they relate to the job role are identified and prevented
  • Workplace chain of responsibility documentation is completed
  • Examples of non-compliance of chain of responsibility are communicated

Unit assessment tool.  Theory, demonstration, simulated activity

Course Prerequisites: None

Session Duration: 3-4 hrs

Groups: Maximum 8 participants per session.

Certification: Statement of attainment