Training Course

Walkie Stacker Operator Training

Walkie stacker operator training


To provide the participant with the skills and knowledge to undertake activities related to mobile equipment operation as defined by AS 2359.2, with specific relevance to operation of Walkie Stackers. Training and evaluation provide the employer with evidence of operator skills and knowledge as part of the process for “verification of competency” and subsequent authorisation by employer to safely access and operate a walkie stacker.

Course Content

  • Conduct routine checks
  • Plan work
  • Check controls and equipment
  • Shift load
  • Shut down equipment
  • Secure site
  • Battery charging and maintenance

Assessment: Written Theory Evaluation & Practical Driving Test

Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic English literacy, language & numeracy (LLN)

Session Duration: 

  • 3 hours

Groups:  Maximum 5 operators per session, or 1-on-1 sessions on application.

Training records: Certification of operator skills and knowledge for each equipment type.

Equipment Classification: Walkie stackers are classified as pedestrian-operated lift trucks and do not require a National HRW Licence to operate. However, employers should maintain training records and verification of competency for authorised operators.

This training does not lead to nationally recognised qualification.