Gas Forklift - C-5 Series

Pushing Limits with the C-5 Series Gas Forklift

The Crown C-5 Series gas forklift redefines LPG with breakthrough innovation in every detail. From its high-performance powertrain to precise cooling, ergonomic design and intrinsic stability, the C-5 Series sets new standards across the board.

gas forklift C-5 Series

Engineered to Deliver Pure Power

A revolutionary engine, rugged transmission, low maintenance brakes and dual radiator cooling system all keep the C-5 Series gas forklift performing at peak; even when the heat is on and the hours are long.

Crown’s low-emission LPG-powered 2.4 litre industrial engine, combined with a robust hydrodynamic transaxle, delivers twice the lifespan of typical powertrains while extending service intervals.

C-5 gas forklift's 2.4 litre industrial engine

The Crown Power Brake System delivers durability and performance while virtually eliminating brake maintenance. 

the C-5 gas forklift features the Crown Power Brake System

Crown’s standard industrial dual radiator provides separate cooling for the engine and transmission. This design lowers overall fluid temperatures which protects and extends powertrain life.

the C-5 gas forklift features a dual core radiator

The On-Demand Cooling option of the gas forklift controls fan speed and direction independent of the engine, clearing blocked radiators of debris.

the C-5 gas forklift features On-Demand Cooling
C-5 gas forklift's 2.4 litre industrial engine

Comfort, Confidence and Control

The C-5 gas forklift is designed inside and out for comfort, confidence, stability and safety so operator productivity can keep pace with lift truck performance. 

The D4 Armrest features easy one-handed adjustment of height and fore/aft position, regardless of the seat option. In combination, they allow for quick personalisation by the operator providing excellent comfort and support.

gas forklift C-5 with D4 Armrest

A wide and low entry step, together with the contoured engine cover, allows quick and easy entry/exit on both sides of the truck.

The spacious step and floorboard in combination with a small and shoulder-friendly steering wheel result in extensive leg and headroom for the operator.

the gas forklift C-5 features a spacious operator compartment

A low counterweight, a high seat,  the forward operator position, angled cross braces and the open-mast design provide outstanding visibility forward, backward and upward - even with cabin options.

the gas forklift C-5 provides superior visibility

Internal balancing shafts and rubber engine mounts virtually eliminate engine vibration enabling smoother performance and greater operator comfort.

the gas forklift C-5 features minimal engine vibration

Crown applied decades of expertise with counterbalance forklifts to ensure static and dynamic stability with the C-5 Series. The Crown Intrinsic Stability System combines engineering, manufacturing and integrated technology to proactively enhance safety and performance.

the gas forklift C-5 features the Intrinsic Stability System

The C-5 gas forklift features an I-beam mast which excels in all three strength ratings: longitudinal and lateral stiffness and torsional resistance.

the gas forklift features an I-beam mast
gas forklift C-5 with D4 Armrest

The C-5 Gas Forklift Offers Unprecedented Value

Less maintenance, a long  lifespan and dependable uptime add up to low total cost of ownership and excellent lifetime value with the proven C-5 gas forklift.

Crown’s C-5 Series also features easy accessibility. From removable side panels to generous access space, the forklift is designed for “standing access” to commonly serviced components.

The C-5 Series is backed by cost-saving, productivity-enhancing features including long-term warranties and a global support system. When it comes to total lifetime value, Crown is the clear leader.

the gas forklift C-5 features a 5-year warranty for the ODC powertrain

ODC Powertrain Warranty

Inculuded on trucks with Crown's exclusive On-Demand Cooling (ODC) System

ODC Hydraulic Components

the gas forklift C-5 features a 3-year standard warranty

Standard Warranty

Coverage Includes:
Engine*                  ✓ Transaxle
Radiator                 ✓ Chassis
Access Modules    ✓ Power Brake

*Includes Water Pump, Alternator and Starter

the gas forklift C-5 features a 2-year severe duty battery warranty

Severe Duty Battery Warranty

Excel in Any Application

With pneumatic and cushion models—plus dozens of options, attachments and accessories—the C-5 Series gas forklift is more than a match for a wide range of demanding and specialised applications.

Crown offers fully enclosed hard cabin and soft cabin options to ensure operator comfort and convenience, even in harsh conditions.

C-5 Series Model Types

gas forklift with super-elastic tyres C-5 1050
Gas Forklift with Super-Elastic Tyres

The C-5 LPG powered forklift with pneumatic tyres is designed for indoor and outdoor use. The super-elastic tyres are ideal in rugged terrain applications.

  • Load Capacity

    2000 - 3000 kg

  • Max Lift Height

    7925 mm

  • Power

    44 kW @2800 RPM

  • Transmission


gas forklift with cushion tyres C-5 1000
Gas Forklift with Cushion Tyres

The C-5 LPG powered forklift with cushion tyres is ideal for indoor or outdoor use on "approved hard surfaces," such as concrete or blacktop. 

  • Load Capacity

    2000 - 3000 kg

  • Max Lift Height

    7925 mm

  • Power

    44 kW @2800 RPM

  • Transmission


Options and Accessories

The C-5 Series gas forklift's hard cabin is a rugged solution to providing protection for the operator in extreme environments. Its large windows provide visibility in virtually any direction.

C-5 gas forklift with hard cabin

The custom soft cabin is a modular solution that provides protection in indoor and outdoor environments. Components can be mixed and matched to provide a customised solution.

C-5 gas forklift with soft cabin

Super-elastic dual tyres provide increased support and stability in rugged terrain applications.

C-5 gas forklift with super-elastic dual tyres

Our full range of attachments, including options for a carton clamp, slip sheet push-pull, fork positioner, double fork and side shifter, can handle a variety of loads.

for the C-5 gas forklift a range of attachments is available

A variety of standard and wide carriage options are available for the C-5 Series gas forklift to move loads of all shapes and sizes.

for the C-5 gas forklift a range of carriage options is available

Crown Work Assist accessories are designed to make the operator's job faster, easier and more productive.

for the C-5 gas forklift a range of Work Assist accessories are available
C-5 gas forklift with hard cabin