Automation Solutions

Expect the Unexpected

Effective warehouse automation can help ensure you're ready to react more quickly to business disruptions. Instead of a bolt-on approach, Crown is focused on integrated solutions that will help you stay ahead of the competition. Crown’s automation solutions can solve challenges today while reframing the future of material handling.

automation solutions by Crown help solve material handling challenges

Revolutionising Order Picking

Increase productivity by up to 25 percent

Consumer demand is disrupting order fulfillment as we know it. Stay ahead of the disruption with Crown’s QuickPick Remote order picking technology. It automates picking tasks to simplify workflow, saving time, reducing risk and increasing productivity. Leverage this technology to:

  • Increase operator productivity
  • Lessen operator fatigue
  • Promote safety
  • Help reduce damage

VNA Automation That Produces Sizeable Savings

Increase productivity by up to 25 percent

The shortest distance to big productivity gains isn't necessarily a straight line. Crown’s Auto Positioning System enables operators to get more done in less time by guiding the VNA truck along the most effective route to the next rack location. Deploy this technology to elevate your facility to the next level with:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased pick accuracy
  • Reduced operator fatigue
  • Flexibility

Meet Our Automation Team

Scalable automation you can depend on
automated guided vehicles for transport, picking and stacking
There is a better way

Let Crown help you solve tough automation project challenges and help you reach your goals.

ROI doesn’t have to be a long game

Crown’s integrated approach to automation drastically reduces the ROI timeline.

Integrated solutions

Crown's automated warehouse solutions are designed for seamless integration and flawless operation.

Future-proof leading edge solutions that can grow with you

Even if you’re not ready for automation, you can maximise your investment with forklift trucks and automation technology that can evolve along with your requirements.

Multiple operating modes offer flexibility

Switch from autonomous to manual forklift operation and back, as your application demands.

Support to help ensure your long-term success

Count on solutions that are backed by an extensive dealer network and factory support from a company that has delivered reliable material handling solutions for more than 50 years.