Future-Focused Sustainability

Crown’s people, products, processes and facilities all play a part in our unwavering commitment to environmentally smart business practices. Our three pillars of focus – social, environmental and economic sustainability – provide the blueprint for success. We call our efforts ecologic.

Crown Lift Trucks is committed to social, environmental and economic sustainability
social sustainability is an integral part of Crown's corporate culture

Empowered Employees

Sustainability is inherent in Crown’s corporate culture. From health, safety and training programmes for our workforce to preserving green spaces in the areas where we operate, Crown empowers employees to continually improve their work environment and thrive – both on the job and in their community. The diversity of our workforce helps ensure a broad range of voices are heard and respected.

Green Processes and Facilities

As a global leader in material handling, Crown has a unique opportunity to maximise efficiencies around the world. By manufacturing up to 85 percent of the parts used in our forklift trucks, Crown achieves a level of environmental compliance difficult for outsourcing manufacturers to attain. Through vertical integration, we take control of our production processes – only manufacturing what is needed – to manage inventory with precision.

In our facilities, we also make continuous efforts to recycle and reuse materials, preserve natural resources, and reduce waste and energy consumption. Just a few examples of our commitment to facility sustainability include:

  • ISO 14001 certification of our environmental management systems
  • Five zero-waste-to-landfill status facilities
  • More than 500,000 square metres of brownfield space redeveloped
Crown facilities are environmentally sustainable
Crown's sustainability efforts help customers save time, money and natural resources

Ecology Meets Economy

At Crown, we pass along environmental and economic value to our customers through the performance of our lift trucks and innovative technologies. By designing forklifts that use fewer components, require less maintenance, produce less waste, and last longer than typical lift trucks, we improve productivity, lower total cost of ownership, and minimise environmental impacts for our customers. Crown’s line of refurbished and used forklifts extend the impact of our efforts.

By designing energy efficient features into our products, Crown helps our customers meet their own sustainability goals. And with operations in more than 80 countries, we are able to multiply our efforts to help customers save time, money and natural resources across the globe.

Our Commitment to the Future

Business practices that are both sensible and sustainable are the hallmarks of Crown’s ecologic programme. Our report includes Crown's sustainability policy, which outlines our commitment to the future of Crown as well as the planet we all share.

Crown ecologic represents the synthesis of our sustainability efforts