Your Complete Material Handling Provider

Take control of your operations and rely on Crown for all of your material handling needs. Our solutions  go beyond the forklift truck to help you optimise your operations for increased productivity and long-term value.

Automation Solutions

Automation is the future of material handling. Crown's integrated automation solutions help to solve warehouse challenges and ensure you're ready to react more quickly to business disruptions.

Automation solutions for your warehouse

Identify Issues

Set Goals

Measure Success

Fleet Management

Crown’s forklift fleet management and productivity optimisation system supports better decision-making and improved bottom line results by helping you identify issues, set goals and measure success in all of your operations.

Our solutions help fleet managers capture and analyse utilisation, performance and maintenance data and make decisions that help ensure safe, productive performance.

Financing Options

Managing your fleet means managing your investment, especially when business fluctuates and seasons change. We offer flexible financing options that enable you to get the equipment you need with terms that fit your business.

Crown offers flexible forklift financing options