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Crown PTH Pallet Jack

Crown offers the perfect addition to your operation with the manually operated PTH hand pallet jack. The PTH is the smart choice for pallet transport that pulls its own weight every day - for years to come. Because the PTH is Crown designed and manufactured, you can rely on its heavy-gauge steel design and solid construction to deliver long-lasting value that's always in step with your demands.

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Fork Width
Unit Price*
PTH 50 27-48
27 in
48 in
6.3 in
5000 lb
PTH 50 20-48
20 in
48 in
6.3 in
5000 lb
PTH 50 20-36
20 in
36 in
6.3 in
5000 lb
* Unit Price does not include sales tax and freight.
All prices are listed in U.S. Dollars (USD).            

Selecting the Right PTH Hand Pallet Truck Model

  • Consult our Buyers' Reference Guide below.
  • Contact your local Crown dealer for assistance or to buy PTH models not offered online.
  • Get more information about the PTH 50 Series Hand Pallet Truck.

  • Buyers' Reference Guide

    • Move your mouse over numbers on
      the pallet for additional information.
    pallet example                     

    Pallets come in many sizes and configurations, all pallets fall into two very broad categories: “stringer” or “block” pallets. In addition, hand pallet trucks are used to move tubs or wire baskets. In some cases, only numbers 1, 2 and 5 may need to be considered.

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