V-Force V-HFMForklift Battery Chargers

The One Battery Charger to Satisfy Every Need

We're revolutionising modular charging with a flexible, smart, connected and efficient battery charger.

The V-Force V-HFMSeries charger simplifies and enhances the charging process with impressive flexibility, intelligence, efficiency and broad connectivity.

forklift battery charger V-Force

Extraordinary Efficiency

With efficiency levels of up to 97 percent, the V-HFM3 is more efficient than other high-frequency chargers on the market.

More power has been packed into a smaller, stackable footprint that saves space and energy.

the V-HFM3 forklift battery charger provides 97% efficiency

Flexibility for the Future

The V-HFMSeries charger evolves with your changing business needs.

  • Thanks to its multi-voltage capability you can charge virtually any lift truck battery in your operation.

  • The V-HFMSeries forklift battery charger supports both, lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

  • With its modular design, the charger can be easily upgraded to meet requirements for additional power output.
VHFM3 forklift battery chargers provide flexibility
forklift battery charger with advanced intelligence

An Intelligent Charging Assistant

Smart sensors and intelligent displays make battery charging easy, safe and reliable.

Integrated voltage sensing identifies a battery upon connection and automatically applies the correct charging profile, enabling one charger to take the place of many.

A colour display and LED indicator lights inform operators of charging status, cooling time, equalising and watering needs at a glance.

Connectivity Provides Seamless Integration

Easy access to the built-in web-browser accessible interface through the supported Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB connections allows you to configure, monitor and manage the charger remotely.

Integrate with monitoring and management systems - such as Crown's optional V-Force Battery Monitoring Identification Device (BMID) - for additional levels of reporting and control when charging lead-acid batteries.

VHFM3 forklift battery chargers offer connectivity

V-HFMSeries Battery Charger Models

forklift battery charger V-HFM3 FS3 Model
Forklift Battery Charger FS3

A 17-kg three-phase charger with a charge current of up to 300 Amps.

The V-HFM3 FS3 charger can be used for conventional or opportunity charging applications with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

forklift battery charger V-HFM3 FS4 Model
Forklift Battery Charger FS4

A 32.5-kg three-phase charger with a charge current of up to 400 Amps.

The V-HFM3 FS4 charger can be used for conventional or opportunity charging applications with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

Key Options and Accessories

The optional BMID module can be mounted on top of a lead-acid battery. The device monitors battery health: it detects low electrolyte levels and communicates watering needs. And the BMID controls and optimises charging: based on voltage and temperature, it adjusts charge rate to ensure optimum performance.

forklift battery charger option: Battery Monitoring Identification Device

(1) The standard Mounting Bracket offers the ideal mounting solution allowing the charger to be mounted from the rear, side or bottom.

(2) The optional L-Bracket is used in conjunction with pogo sticks to secure cables off the floor and within easy reach.

forklift battery charger option: mounting hardware

Versatile design provides multiple configuration options by anchoring to the floor to hold chargers and battery cables safely in place.

Enables placement of multiple chargers at optimal working height for easy access while freeing up warehouse floor space.

Includes all mounting hardware and pogo sticks for securing cables.

forklift battery charger option: charger stand

Pogo sticks are used in conjunction with charging stands to securely store battery cables away from the floor.

Provides operators with easy access at an optimal work height while preventing wear and tear on cables and connectors.

forklift battery charger option: pogo stick

The remote switch provides easy access to charger functions when the charger must be mounted in a hard-to-reach location.

forklift battery charger option: remote switch

LED light indicates battery's state of charge from a distance. Includes 47cm pole with mounting bracket and the necessary expansion board.

forklift battery charger option: tower light kit
forklift battery charger option: Battery Monitoring Identification Device