Legal information for our German customers
in accordance with the German Packaging Act

As of January 2023


We hereby inform our German customers who are either private end-consumers or equivalents to private end-consumers, in accordance with Section 3 (11) of the Packaging Act: 

According to the Packaging Act, we are obliged to take back packaging that is free of system participation within the meaning of Section 15(1) (sentence 1) of the Packaging Act, which we put into circulation, and to ensure the reuse or recycling of returned packaging. We shall take back this packaging free of charge at the place of actual handover or in its immediate vicinity. If taking back the packaging in this way is impossible, you may alternatively return it to us. 


As a matter of principle, we will take back the following packaging that is put into circulation by us:

  • Transport packaging (This is packaging used to facilitate the transport of goods in such a way that their direct contact as well as transport damage is avoided and is typically not intended to be passed on to the end-consumer.);

  • Sales and outer packaging that is not typically generated as waste by private consumers (or their equivalents) after use;

  • Sales and secondary packaging for which system participation is not possible due to pollutant and/or health risks during recycling;

  • Sales packaging of pollutant-containing filling materials;

  • Reusable packaging (This is packaging designed and intended to be reused several times for the same purpose after use and whose actual return and reuse is made possible by adequate logistics and promoted by suitable incentive systems, usually by a deposit).


For further information regarding the return, please contact us at the following e-mail address:


Thank you.

Crown Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG