DualMode Automated Forklifts

Flexible Automation that Evolves with Your Growth

All Crown DualMode automated solutions are capable of operating in either autonomous or manual modes. This flexibility empowers you to respond quickly and efficiently to dynamic changes in your operation. Trained employees can use the intuitive interface to easily switch between autonomous and manual operation.

Crown DualMode Automated Forklifts
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Crown Automation in the News

Crown Automated Lift Trucks in the News

This iVT International article discusses how Crown has “raised the bar for AGV system performance” with the DualMode R 1000 Series reach truck.  

DualMode Automated Forklift Model Types

R 1000 truck
DualMode R 1000 Series

A single reach truck with MonoLift mast capable of operating in either automated or manual mode at the flip of a switch.

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  • Load Capacity

    1450 kg

  • Power (Electric)

    36 V

  • Head Length

    1572-1684 mm

  • Max. Lift Height

    10160 mm

T 1000 truck
DualMode T 1000 Series

Tow tractor designed for transport of goods via pulled carts and capable of operating in automated or manual mode at the flip of a switch.

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  • Load Capacity

    3000 - 5000 kg

  • Power (Electric)

    24 V / 750 Ah

  • Drawbar Pull (Normal / Maximum)

    1201 / 3492 N

  • Truck Weight (without battery)

    835 kg

Crown Automated Vehicles in Action

Reaching New Heights

DHL Supply Chain is known for its leadership in leveraging new warehouse technologies to achieve better results.

Achieving “Super” Results

This NBC Today Show feature on a UPS Super Hub shows how Crown DualMode vehicles help them boost productivity.

Best. Colleague. Ever.

How do the employees at DHL Supply Chain feel about autonomous forklifts joining their team?

Achieve More with DualMode Functionality

Crown’s DualMode lift trucks provide flexibility to utilise automation where it makes sense then switch to manual operation.

Reliable Ribbon

Integrated automation technology provides excellent durability and protection in both full autonomous or manual modes. Sophisticated communication and control architecture ensures reliable, scalable performance to dynamic changes in the production plan.

Flexible Icon

DualMode vehicles utilise a simple switch to select between the automated and manual operating modes. Trained employees can operate the intuitive user interface to return to autonomous operation once manual manoeuvres are completed.

Performance Icon

DualMode Series trucks capitalise on the capabilities of each automation and lift truck component to enhance overall system performance.

Adaptable Icon

Crown’s T 1000 Series, equipped with DualMode and multiple navigation technologies, makes it easy for you and the Crown automation team to collaborate to choose the right fit for your application.

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Crown’s automation solutions can support application requirements throughout a broad range of size and complexity across one or many locations. Choose a solution that evolves with your needs and continues to leverage your investments along the way.

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Benefit from the knowledge and experience of a dedicated automation team, with onboarding and training programs designed to help you begin generating ROI from the start and at every step throughout your automation journey.

Streamline Your Operations with DualMode

Increase Utilisation with Crown’s DualMode Automated Trucks.

DualMode Automation can Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency.

Learn how Automation can streamline your operations.

Even if you’re not ready for automation today, you can maximise your investment with lift trucks and
automation technology that can evolve along with your requirements.