Discount Rags USA

Increase Productivity while Lowering Operational Costs with the Crown C-5 Series

Reduced Downtime More Than 50%

Save Money

Reduced individual truck maintenance costs by
$2,500 annually

Reduce Downtime

Recorded 50% less maintenance- Related downtime due to extended service intervals

Increase Productivity

Gained nearly four hours of productivity per truck each week by eliminating frequent radiator cleanings

“With the Crown truck, you can tell that they are manufactured better. The trucks are rugged and well thought out. You can tell that Crown really looked at the customer’s perspective — the daily usage of the truck, easy access when servicing — all of these factors play into efficiency and productivity. My trucks sound like they did the first day they were delivered two years ago.”


Imran Khanji

Director - Discount Rags USA    



Discount Rags USA is a leading processor of second hand/used clothing. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Discount Rags USA sorts and processes between 36,287-45,359 kilograms (80,000-100,000 pounds) of used clothing daily in its 9,940-square-metre (107,000-square-foot) facility.



In the past, Discount Rags USA’s lift trucks often required maintenance and the repairs were costly, with one truck costing approximately $13,000 in repairs in one year. Also, the previous supplier’s maintenance personnel would often come at times when it was not good for the company’s daily production schedule. The processing of used clothing generates a lot of dust and excess fabric pieces would be drawn underneath the trucks, causing the radiators to clog and overheat. The operators had to manually blow out the radiators two to three times a day, which would cost the company time and decrease efficiency. The company needed to find a reliable and durable forklift solution that would minimise downtime and reduce their overall maintenance cost.


The Crown C-5 Series is built with industrial components and features that excel in the harshest forklift environments. The Crown C-5 Series features a robust, 2.4-litre engine with an industrial powertrain to deliver unmatched power. A dual, open-core radiator provides separate cooling for the engine and transmission. The radiator core design further supports temperature management by reducing the potential for debris build-up on radiators. The optional On-Demand Cooling system automatically clears the radiator of dust and debris each time a user starts the Crown C-5 by reversing the fan direction. In addition, the durable components offer long-term value by extending service intervals and increasing the truck’s powertrain lifespan.