Micway Transport

Crown Reliability and
Functionality in a
Unique Application

Reliable Equipment Dependable Partnerships

Time Savings

The Crown units can save Micway drivers up to 12 minutes on each delivery, translating to substantial time savings for the entire company fleet which averages 500 deliveries per day.

Strong Partnership

Crown Equipment has remained a partner of Micway since 1999 due to the equipment’s suitability for work in the truck fleet, solid reliability and overall value.

Growing Together

Micway has gone from owning one Crown power pallet truck to over 80.

“The reliability of Crown equipment is very good; it’s unquestionable.”


Geoff Norman

General Manager - Micway Transport


Micway Transport, a market-leading refrigerated transport provider servicing big-name grocery retailers, restaurant chains and manufacturers, runs a refrigerated truck fleet with the aim of providing the best possible service for its customers.



Micway Transport required a reliable transport solution for taking loads from its refrigerated trucks right up to its customers’ loading docks, to speed up deliveries and help provide good working conditions for employees.


Each Micway refrigerated truck and the majority of its trailers is equipped with a Crown WP 3000 power pallet truck, to help speed up deliveries beyond the capabilities of hand pallet trucks while helping maintain high workplace health and safety standards for delivery drivers.