Coffs Harbour Freight Forwarder

Crown’s Continual Improvement Boosts Freight Company’s Output

More Comfort More Economical

Time Efficient

The company’s Crown Pro 5 forklift provided a 20 per cent time saving over its previous forklift.


The ergonomics, comfort and soft-feel tyres of the C-5 Series make it less fatiguing to drive.

No Downtime

The company’s original Crown Pro 5 forklift and the new C-5 Series have had no downtime between services.

"Its addition to the business gave us a 20 per cent time saving over our previous forklift.”


David Berry

Company Representative

Company Representative


David and Lara Berry run a Coffs Harbour agent for a major freight company. They operate up to seven days per week performing over 600 deliveries per day between Woolgoolga and Dorrigo. Their company also operates a line-haul freight operation between Coffs Harbour and Grafton. The company requires an internal combustion forklift to help manage incoming and outgoing freight.



The company requires a forklift with the following attributes: comfort; ease of use; strong lifting capacity; reliability; low emissions and quiet running. It must be capable of lifting heavy freight cells on a daily basis to keep the business running.


The company recently updated to a Crown C-5 Series combustion forklift, replacing a Crown Pro 5 that had performed for 10 years. The Pro 5 met with all of their requirements, was reliable throughout ownership and is still running well. When purchased 10 years ago, the Pro 5 forklift provided a 20 per cent time saving over the company’s previous non-Crown forklift. However, the new Crown C-5 Series has provided even better performance; speed, economy and noise levels are all improved. Drivability and comfort have also taken a step forward.