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Let Crown help you cut through the hype and realise the value that automation can bring to your operations. Implement automation on your terms with scalable solutions that flex between autonomous and manual operation to fit your operational requirements today, tomorrow and beyond.

Depend on integrated material handling automation solutions from Crown.

Integrated Technology Solutions that Work for You

Crown's approach integrates automation technologies with proven product platforms to create scalable solutions,
supported end-to-end by our dedicated automation teams.

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In-Depth Application Analysis

to understand your workflows and processes.

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A Dedicated Team of Experts

brings decades of experience and implementation success to your project.

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Comprehensive Planning

helps ensure that automation projects can reach their full potential.

Innovative Solutions. Dependable Technology. Proven Products.

DualMode Automated Forklifts

The automated and manual operating modes offered by Crown's DualMode lift trucks provide flexibility to utilise automation where it makes sense then switch to manual operation to accommodate dynamic changes in the production plan. Trained employees can perform the switch to manual mode, complete the operation and return the vehicle to automated mode.

DualMode Forklifts

QuickPick Remote Low Level Order Picking Technology

QuickPick Remote order picking technology automates picking tasks to simplify workflow, save time and increase pick rates. When coupled with thoughtful process analysis and onboarding, productivity and pick rates can be improved up to 20 percent while reducing employee fatigue.

TSP Series Turret Truck with Auto
Positioning System

The Auto Positioning System, available on the TSP Series very narrow aisle turret truck, guides the forklift along the most efficient path to the next picking location. This automated system can increase productivity up to 20 percent and reduce training time for new operators by enabling them to perform with more proficiency in less time.

Learn how Automation can streamline your operations.

Even if you are early in your automation journey, you can maximise your investment with lift trucks and automation technology that can evolve along with your requirements.

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