Used, Second-hand and Pre-owned Forklifts

A Second-hand Lift Truck for Virtually Every Need

From the smallest pallet truck to the tallest turret, Crown’s wide selection of second-hand lift trucks offers a solution for a wide range of customers. Contact your local branch or dealer for second-hand lift trucks available near you.

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Second-hand WP Series
WP Series

Capacity: Up to 2,020 kg

*From $3,000
Second-hand ST Series
ST Series

Capacity: Up to 1,500 kg
Lift Height: Up to 5,500 mm

*From $9,000
Second-hand SRH Series
SHR Series

Capacity: Up to 1,800 kg
Lift Height: Up to 4,875 mm

*From $14,000
Second-hand WAV Series
WAV Series

Operator Capacity: Up to 135 kg
Load Tray Capacity: Up to 90 kg
Load Deck Capacity: Up to 115 kg
Lift Height: Up to 2995 mm

*From $10,000
Second-hand SP Series
SP Series

Capacity: Up to 1,250 kg
Lift Height: Up to 9,600 mm

*From $16,000
Second-hand RR Series
RR Series

Capacity: Up to 2000 kg
Lift Height: Up to 11,225 mm

*From $18,000
Second-hand SC Series
SC Series

Capacity: Up to 2,000 kg
Lift Height: Up to 7,490 mm

*From $17,000
Second-hand FC Series
FC Series

Capacity: Up to 3,000 kg
Lift Height: Up to 7,925 mm

*From $14,000
Second-hand RC Series
RC Series

Capacity: Up to 1,800 kg
Lift Height: Up to 7,010 mm

*From $18,000
Second-hand C-G Series
C-G Series

Capacity: Up to 7,000 kg
Lift Height: Up to 7,945 mm

*From $15,000

Local Support and Service

Our network of branches and dealers may have an inventory of second-hand equipment in your area. As with new lift trucks, local branches and dealers can address any service needs for Crown used lift trucks as well.

forklift operator on a crown reach truck
crown forklift fleet stored in a warehouse

Durability that Lasts

Crown lift trucks are designed and built to last. That’s why our inventory of second-hand lift trucks includes a broad selection of pallet jacks, forklifts and specialty lift trucks that are still going strong.

Quality and Dependability

Count on Crown’s second-hand lift trucks to provide the same dependable service you expect from new Crown lift trucks. With over 50 years of experience in the Asia Pacific region and numerous refurbished forklifts in the hands of satisfied owners, you can count on high quality workmanship and an accurate representation of equipment condition.

forklift operator on a crown reach truck
service technician performs maintenance on a crown reach truck

Safe, Efficient Performance 

Crown designs and manufactures lift trucks that provide an efficient, ergonomic and safe operator experience. Our second-hand lift trucks undergo a comprehensive inspection to ensure they meet our safety and performance standards.

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