Brian Tanti

Car Restorer Wins Space Race with Crown

Time Savings of More Than 40 Per Cent

Team of One

Mr. Tanti can do the work of five people when moving parts and equipment around the shop thanks to the Crown walkie stacker.

Flexible Performance

The Crown walkie stacker provides more flexibility than other specialised workshop equipment.

Low Overheads

The Crown walkie reach stacker has given Mr. Tanti the ability to do what he needs to do when he needs to do it without having to hire extra staff.

“The Crown walkie reach stacker is like having four other people in one forklift and I turn projects around much faster. The time savings that I achieve are upwards of 40 per cent.”


Brian Tanti

Coachbuilder and Classic Car Consultant

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Australian pioneer of automotive restoration, research and development Brian Tanti rebuilds classic cars and brings to life special projects from his workshop in Artarmon on Sydney's north shore. His projects include anything from classic cars to custom builds blending automotive and aerospace technologies at times.



Working by himself means that Mr. Tanti does not have access to extra pairs of hands when performing work that requires a part to be lifted or held while he operates on it, or to be moved around in a very short time to meet his project and delivery deadlines.


Mr. Tanti has been using a Crown walkie stacker, with a reach function for added flexibility, for over seven years. Both in previous Melbourne location and now in Sydney, he has relied on Crown forklifts to move equipment around his warehouses quickly, efficiently and safely, while maximising the space available to do his work.