Crown Reliability with the Bonus of Speedy Rental Service

Same-day Rental Equipment Deliveries

Full Solutions

Concept Logistics runs a wide range of Crown equipment to handle all inbound, storage and despatch duties.

Rental Express

Crown Rental Express is providing fast turn-around on equipment to help Concept Logistics with business expansion.

Familiar Equipment

Approximately 90 per cent of Concept Logistics’ casual staff is familiar with Crown products when they are hired, allowing them to measurably reduce the time spent on inductions.

“Getting the equipment was one of the things we thought we were going to struggle with but it was one of the first things we had up and running.”


Peter Hogan

National Operations Manager
Concept Logistics

Concept Logistics


Concept Logistics is a 3PL which manages the logistics supply chain for some of Australia’s major retailers and brands. The company runs three shifts and a number of full-time and casual staff, depending on seasonal demands, at its warehousing and distribution centres around Australia.



Concept Logistics requires comfortable, reliable, easy to use material handling equipment for receiving, storing and despatching goods. It also needs a flexible arrangement with its supplier to get the right equipment at the right time, to suit levels of customer demand. 


Concept Logistics runs Crown’s full range of rider reach trucks, C-5 and Pro-5 counterbalance lift trucks, SP Series stock pickers and RC and PR Series pallet rider trucks – a vast model range used to handle all inbound, storage and despatch duties at Concept Logistics’ Victorian and Western Australian sites.

For flexibility during peak times, the company rents equipment from Crown to match employee numbers for year-round efficiency. Renting equipment also allows Concept Logistics to enjoy the benefits of Crown rental express service, which was conceived for customers who need equipment in a hurry – equipment is delivered on the same day if the order is placed before 11am.