Foodbank NSW

Crown Custom Racking and Shelving Solution Offers Performance and Value

Innovative and Affordable Racking and Shelving Solutions

Cost Performance

Crown Warehouse Solutions’ tender was selected thanks to its combination of performance and price.

Expert Installation

The racking and shelving system was installed in the face of difficult circumstances; ongoing construction of the warehouse and very tight schedules.

Responsive Service

The responsiveness of Crown Warehouse Solutions’ staff also helped to win the tender and earn praise for performance during the installation.

“Crown Warehouse Solutions was chosen following a tender process because they could offer a system with the best performance and service combined with the right price.”


Rick Michael

Operations Manager

Foodbank NSW

Henningsen Manager


Foodbank, a non-profit organisation which sources and supplies food to the needy, runs a distribution warehouse accessed by a large number of volunteers. It is an important part of a supply chain that helps to feed up to 166,000 people per day.


Foodbank needed an innovative yet affordable supplier to design and build the racking and shelving for its new distribution centre in Glendenning, NSW, to maximise the effectiveness of its 7,500 square metre warehouse. It required a system that is tall yet stable, durable and safe for high levels of pedestrian traffic. Being a non-profit organisation, value was also an important part of Foodbank’s tender process when selecting a racking and shelving supplier.


Foodbank selected Crown Warehouse Solutions to design and build a racking and shelving system which combines 1,640 ambient pallet spaces, 700 chilled or frozen spaces and long-span shelving.

A full suite of Crown Warehouse Solutions products was combined to make a system which satisfies Foodbank’s requirement for high pedestrian safety while making use of the warehouse’s tall ceilings.