Vadals Ikon Group

Crown’s InfoLink System Part of Productivity-Enhancing Material Handling Solution

Increased Safety, Speed and Efficiency

Gaining Productivity

Use of Crown forklifts and an efficient warehouse layout have contributed to a 33% productivity gain for Vadals since moving into its new Richlands warehouse.

Swift Progress

Vadals gained valuable insight into lift truck performance with the InfoLink system, enabling them to make data-driven decisions to properly utilise the fleet and boost productivity.

Infolink Empowers Employees

The InfoLink System has helped empower employees as they operate and maintain the connected lift trucks.

“Through using InfoLink we can now analyse how long a machine is used for each day, week, month – to make sure we’re getting the right productivity out of that machine.”


Stephen Ireland

Operations Manager - Vadals Ikon Group

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Vadals Ikon Group is a family-owned business supplying a range of specialised, high-quality products to butchers, greengrocers, supermarkets and other sections of the food industry since 1987. The company handles a broad range of local and imported products ranging from packaging, clothing, knives and saws to a multitude of glazes, marinades and condiments. Vadals recently moved into a new, purpose-built facility in Richlands, southwest of Brisbane, that incorporates both a showroom and a warehouse.



Tailoring the warehouse to effortlessly handle a range of products was a crucial part of establishing an efficient new space. The business is oriented to manual handling with products picked, stored and dispatched, and Vadals needed material handling equipment that would be the right fit for each application. The company also hoped to boost productivity and safety in their fast-paced warehouse, all while getting the most out of their equipment. 


Vadals chose a range of Crown products, including a mix of single and double length pallet trucks, reach trucks and counterbalance forklifts. Vadals also adopted Crown’s InfoLink operator and fleet management system, enabling it to understand the utilisation of each piece of material handling equipment, including the fleet’s batteries. The InfoLink system supported safety initiatives with a sophisticated electronic inspection checklist, which the Vadals team also found to be beneficial in maintaining the lift trucks. The system helps Vadals analyse fleet utilisation and, along with the new warehouse design and dependable Crown lift trucks, has led to major productivity gains.