General Carrying

Space to Grow with Efficient
Crown Lift Trucks

Reach Trucks Deliver a 25 Per Cent Efficiency Boost

Efficiency Boost

Crown's RMD Series reach trucks have provided a 25 per cent efficiency boost over its old reach trucks while retaining safety as the number-one priority.

Extended Capacity

Improved racking and RMD Series reach trucks have substaintially boosted General Carrying's storage capacity.

Drivers' Choice

Trialing various different reach trucks helped General Carrying conclude that its drivers prefer using Crown Reach Trucks.

“Switching over to the Crown lift trucks we've found some great efficiencies...they operate around 25 per cent more efficiently while still maintaining a safe operating speed.”


Stephen Speakman

General Manager - General Carrying

General Carrying General Manager


Established in 1995, General Carrying is a family-owned 3PL business. Initally operating as a freight company running between Sydney and Perth, the company has built a good reputation by creating value for their customers. Additionally, it now operates in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide offering services including warehouse and logistics management, transport and distribution.



Experiencing rapid growth, General Carrying needed to face up to the challenge of increasing its warehouse volume and make its existing space as efficient as possible.

Struggling with the performance and reliability of its existing forklift fleet, the company needed to upgrade its equipment. When assessing what to buy, it needed to find the right balance between maximising warehouse volume, flexibility and minimal lead times to be able to offer its customers good value.


General Carrying switched over to Crown for its reach trucks. It now runs a fleet of Crown's RMD Series and is enjoying efficiency benefits along with high levels of operator satisfaction.

The RMD Series reach trucks, thanks to their deep-reach function, have also allowed the company to increase its storage capacity with the use of double-deep racking without requiring lift trucks with a wider wheelbase.

The company's RMD Series fleet is also equipped with the Crown Vision System, which incorporates a laser fork guide and camera system for easier operation and load handling efficiency at any height.