LP Series Mid-Level Order Picker

Faster Access Begins Here

In picking operations, easy access is key. That’s where the Crown LP Series mid-level order picker excels with blended control operation, advanced ergonomics and reliability that pay for years to come.

mid-level order picker LP Series

Crown's Mid-Level Order Picker Enables Constant Movement

The Crown LP Series mid-level order picker delivers performance advantages through diagonal travel for free ranging operations and automatic speed adjustment features. 

In addition, intuitive, blended controls for lift, traction and steering make the most of speed while ensuring precise control.

LP mid-level order picker improves picking productivity with diagonal travel
LP mid-level order picker offers performance-enhancing features

Build Shift-Long Confidence 

In fast-paced picking work, operator confidence is critical. When operators trust an order picker to perform the way they intend, they accomplish more. 

First, the LP mid-level order picker fosters shift-long confidence with a well-designed operator compartment where everything is well within reach. 

Crown engineers and designers added AC traction and AC steering to this series for lower effort steering, smoother overall performance and more confident load handling.

Choose a Better Workplace   

No matter how many hours a day is spent on the Crown LP Series, our design teams aim to make it effective, efficient and comfortable for operators.  

The operator compartment of the LP Series mid-level order picker combines intuitive controls/screen, Work Assist features and more.  

Many options, including Work Assist accessories and fork-side controls further improve lift truck performance in some applications.

the LP mid-level order picker features a well-designed operator compartment
the LP order picker is designed for reliability and lasting value

Count on Years of Performance    

Crown customers expect mid-level order pickers that perform every shift and for years to come. So we design and build them that way.  

With Crown’s unique vertically integrated manufacturing and aftermarket services, total cost of ownership can be substantially lower over time.

LP Series Model Types

Mid-Level Order Picker with Fixed Forks
Mid-Level Order Picker with Fixed Forks

The LP order picker with fixed forks provides fast access of bulky products and packages.

Mid-Level Order Picker with Lifting Forks
Mid-Level Order Picker with Lifting Forks

The LP order picker with lifting forks keep loads at optimal height to reduce bending and awkward handling.

Options and Accessories

Load-facing operator controls improve visibility and operator efficiency for forks-first travel and picking.

LP mid-level order picker with load-facing operator controls

Rail guidance automates steering control, allowing for minimal aisle widths. Rail guidance is not affected by facility power outages.

the LP mid-level order picker is available with rail guidance