Forklift Rental Is a Valuable Tool in Your Supply Chain Sustainability Toolbox

Companies expand a significant amount of effort and resources to bring predictability to their supply chains. The ability to foresee and quickly respond to potential unexpected downtime, shifting market conditions and changing consumer demand is an invaluable asset in helping companies avoid or minimise supply chain disruptions.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts and incremental successes, the supply chain can still be unpredictable, especially in the most challenging times. For instance, as any supply chain or fleet manager knows, right now is one of the most challenging times we have faced in a generation.

As the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies with essential supply chains are struggling to keep much-needed products moving. There is incredible pressure to perform at optimum levels despite numerous barriers and roadblocks, including travel restrictions, health and safety concerns, and product shortages.

At a time when demand for certain goods has never been higher (e.g., toilet paper, disinfecting wipes and personal protective equipment), there has never been so much uncertainty. As you strive to maintain control and increase productivity levels, you need all the tools in your toolbox.

One tool worth considering is forklift rentals. Many supply chain and fleet managers utilise forklift rentals as a means to avoid long-term purchases that could tie up capital. They can offer a flexible solution for when something unexpected occurs and you need the right solution, right now; whether you need it for a few hours or days, or until the pandemic has ended.

To ensure you receive the highest-quality experience, here are a number of items you should expect from your provider when renting:

  • Trucks that are maintained to the industry’s highest standards
  • Comprehensive pre-rental inspections to confirm consistent performance
  • Broad inventory that offers the right truck for the right application
  • Flexible rental terms to fit your schedule and short-term needs
  • A strong service network that offers local support
  • A maintenance package that ensures uptime and productivity

Forklift rentals can be an ideal asset to help you maintain control and boost productivity under stressful conditions, especially when demand and uncertainty are high. But that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice the right solution for a quick solution. Working with a provider who can offer multiple options, a reliable fleet and flexible terms can help ensure a stress-free experience, plus the right forklifts for your needs. When done the right way, renting a forklift can be easier than renting a car. Click here for more information on how Crown Australia can provide a rental solution that meets your needs.

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