Clemens Food Group

Improve Safety, Reduce Major Impacts in Overall Operations

Operator Tracking

Identified its most productive operators and the operators that may need additional training. Clemens is now able to keep track of how and when equipment is being used and which operator is on the equipment at any given time.

Reduced Impact

Experienced an 80 percent reduction in major impact events.

Cost-cutting Opportunities

Realised significant improvements in its focus areas to uncover efficiency and cost-cutting opportunities only five months after installation: OSHA compliance, operator certification management and impact detection.

“InfoLink brought a new level of efficiency to our OSHA compliance efforts. Because the system allows us to assign a PIN number to each operator, we are able to limit access to the vehicle to only those operators with the required certification needed to operate the forklift.”


Jeff Barnes

InfoLink Administrator - Clemens Food Group


Based in Hatfield, Pa., Clemens Food Group has been producing pork products for more than 118 years. The company’s three facilities, totaling over 120,773 square metres (1.3 million square feet), are located in three different locations.



With about 230 forklifts and approximately 1,080 operators, Clemens Food Group needed to reduce costs and improve operator and forklift productivity across the three locations. The Clemens team identified areas in their operation they initially wanted to target with a system to uncover efficiency or cost-cutting opportunities. The company’s focus areas were OSHA compliance, operator certification management and impact detection. Clemens needed a system that would work on forklifts from all manufacturers.


Crown Equipment’s InfoLink® System is a part of the Crown Insite™ Productivity Suite and delivers actionable data from forklifts. Through content-rich dashboards, fleet managers can connect to actionable data and focus on real opportunities while avoiding wasted time deciphering mounds of data.