Warehouse Solutions

Warehouse Design,
Equipment and Supplies 

In addition to delivering innovative forklift trucks and material handling equipment solutions, Crown also offers warehouse solutions – design/planning along with equipment and supplies – to optimise your operations. 

Team of Seasoned Pros

Our team of professionals, rich with industry knowledge and extensive material handling experience, can be leveraged to help improve throughput, enhance efficiency and reduce warehousing costs.

Improve throughput

Enhance efficiency

Reduce warehousing costs

Plan for it

At Crown, we can provide extra value in your material handling solutions. Let us take the time to design, plan and implement your customised solution, allowing you to remain focused on your business objectives.

Advantages you can expect from Crown include:

  • Customized solutions focused on your specific facility needs
  • Flexibility to choose solutions based on scheduling, space and cost constraints
  • Solutions planning, including workflow and productivity 
  • Superior service in delivery, installation and ongoing support
warehouse design expert consultation
Warehouse Design Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

Crown offers a range of proven solutions for warehouses including:

Racking and Shelving

Battery Water Filling Equipment and Battery Watering System

Protective Equipment of Charging Room

Rack Protection

Battery Management System

Industrial Fan


Battery Handling Equipment

Eye Washer

Industrial Safety Protection

Pedestrian Protection

Battery and Charger

Portable Air Cooler

Signs and Labels

Complete Warehouse Solutions
Supports Rapid Growth

“Crown was very instrumental in helping us select the products that we used, what type of equipment...so, whether it's the racking, whether it's the material handling equipment...Crown has nailed it on both ends.“

Thom Lipari

President & CEO – Lipari Foods